Who are Digital Nomads?

Digital Nomad is a term coined for remote workers who telecommute and relocate often. They are people who work outside of the traditional office in places where they have access to internet or smartphone services. Digital Nomads are not to be confused with expats (those who live and work in a foreign country that is not their own), or with teleworkers (those who work from a permanent place of residence and do not switch locations for travel). Instead they are location independent and resilient, on the move while still involved in their work.

Often, Digital Nomads are individuals who have the same dream in mind as the members in coworking spaces, but they work multiple places around the world, so they are unable to have a permanent physical workspace.

One initial thought that might come to mind would be to pursue the digital nomad lifestyle because you like traveling. Traveling all around sounds like the life of a long vacation to me! However, while travel is necessary to be a digital nomad, it is a grand misconception that it is the same thing as a vacation. A digital nomads schedule is slower compared to that of a tourist and often there are different compromises. For one, vacations days are less likely to exist and because of constant moving, they are less likely to spend time with their family. Digital nomads almost never stay in hotels and they are often unable to sign long-term leases. While Digital Nomads don’t get to live one long vacation as described above, there are some benefits to this newer type of coworking and lifestyle. Traveling is a must, but so is a certain type of housing. You might ask then, where do Digital Nomads live?


Two up-and-coming spaces include coliving and Rural coworking.

Coliving of course stems from the idea of coworking with intent on providing cheaper housing for like-minded individuals in a collaborative community. This type of housing often works well for digital nomads because they have the option of signing a more short-term lease. It is also cost-effective if they don’t have to rent rooms in a hotel or sign to live somewhere for a long time. Coliving provides Digital Nomads with the opportunity of meeting people who are in similar situations, people also not planning on being in one space for a long time.

Rural Coworkings can be summed up as collaborative and encouraging work environments, as well as living environments, outside of the urban world. Rural Coworking attracts many Digital Nomads because it provides a pathway for a lot people to meet others and build on relationships easily when in constant proximity. It also proposes a deal because price rates are fixed and paid monthly so long as the digital nomad is staying there. What great flexibility this allows for mobile jobs and work locations!

For a Digital Nomad, the world is their office! They live in a mobile and global style, detaching themselves from living in a permanent location and using telecommunications for work. Although it is not work on a vacation, there are some benefits to being a Digital Nomad. Coliving and rural coworking are an advantage for people like these. If this will soon be you, a digital nomad, then it’s highly recommended you know how to be the best you can be by reading the above!

17 January 2018

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