Entrepreneurs travel a lot. We want to make a difference along the way

Together with Goodwings, Talent Garden adds social impact to all the trips it takes to build a company.

Startup life comes with traveling. Whether you are going out of town to meet a potential investor or doing the first trip to test the US market, you want to be smart about it.

Part of it is planning your work, so you are able to reduce a few of those emission-heavy plane rides. But there are trips you cannot get around because they contain amazing opportunities. At Talent Garden we want to empower all our members, so they can work across borders in a responsible way.

One important step in that direction is our new partnership with the Danish impact startup Goodwings

Goodwings is giving the hotel industry an update, as they allow you to book 365.000 different hotels across the world with an added dimension of sustainability. For each booking you make, Goodwings donate at least a third of their commission to a charity you choose. The charities range from the global environmental players like Forests Of The World and WWF to Street Child United that works to improve the rights for street children.

Rasa Strumskyte, Talent Garden’s Chief Strategy Officer, and Country Manager for the Nordics looks forward to the partnership with Goodwings.

“This collaboration is so meaningful for us because it gives our members the freedom to choose an impact agenda close to their hearts. All the charities here are fixing great challenges, and I urge our entrepreneurs to explore these different projects, as they give their support. Yes, Goodwings is a hotel booking platform, but it also a charity awareness tool in its own right.”

Goodwings CEO, Christian Møller-Holst, thinks the collaboration will only become more relevant over time.

“As Talent Garden expands its current community of 3500, the charity co-work we can do will grow exponentially stronger. For us, it makes complete sense to partner with a network that links us to startups. If we can add social responsibility to the way these young companies travel, we can make a serious collective impact.”

1 July 2019

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