Call Internazionale “Area StartUp”, aspettando il Digital Festival e il XXVII Salone del Libro di Torino.

From January 28 the call for selecting the 10 most innovative projects to be hosted in a highl interactive area in Torino in May will be online


Software for enriching digital books with multimedia contents such as videos, 3D animation, audio and music. Shared and participated lectures for giving worldwide readers access to in streaming online eBooks, commenting and sharing their own contents on social networks. Or online projects for aspiring writers which offer the possibility to create tales and original contents collaborating directly online.

These are just some of the borders of digital books which will be shown during the 27th

International Book Fair of Torino, that will be held from the 8th to the 12th of May, 2014. The fair opens its doors to new digital projects, that will be all gathered in the Start Up Area: an are located in the 2nd pavilion of the Lingotto Fiere that will be entirely dedicated to 10 international start ups that offer innovative services for the use of editorial content. The young companies and their best ideas will be selected though an international call that has been announced on the 28th January.

More space to the realities that are helping editorial products to evolve and develop into digital format, beyond the traditional “eBook”. In addition to the previous examples there will also be various initiatives for specific targets, such as kids and disabled: companies that offer digital fairy tales and educational toys that change according to the interaction level of small readers, by releasing new contents, updating and “growing” with them. Or Apps dedicated to dyslexic kids for the execution of exercises that may be completed with activities performed daily in specialized centers.


The idea


The Start Up Area is an initiative of the International Book Fair of Torino, Gl Events-Lingotto Fiere and Associazione Luoghi di Relazione – which organizes the Digital Festival – with the support of the Regione Piemonte and in collaboration with Tag – Talent Garden.

The project’s aim is to answer to the needs of a sector which is living deep technological

improvements and ongoing developments. The fair wants to become a privileged place where to discover new tools for publishers, creative people and authors, and relative business opportunities. The Start Up Area represents an opportunity for visitors that want to experiment new ways, more and more interactive, of using editorial/cultural products.

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