Frontiers of Interaction raccontato da chi l’ha vissuto: la parola a VoiceMap,miglior startup #Foi13!

Lights off now on stage at Frontiers of Interaction , 2013, held in Milan on 24-25 October and considered one of the most important and innovative events for technology -hungry nomads, and mobile design . A new edition , the ninth , dedicated to the “game changers ” which saw another on the stage international guests and live performances that take your breath away. Some names just to understand what we’re talking about: Dave Gray ( Founder of Liminl ), Ben Hammersley (Editor at Large, Wired UK ) and the super host Richard Saul Wurman, creator of TED conferences .

On this same stage you are made to place , on tiptoe , our boys VoiceMap, TAG MILAN residents who were honored as “Best Startups # foi13”, then winning the chance to come up with short pitch . And they did it their way , presenting a VoiceMap dedicated to the occasion.

We met them to tell us how they lived this incredible experience and know them better! Here’s the interview :
1_ VoiceMap best startup to Foi13 , up on stage …. and tell us your experience lived in this important event .

For us Foi13 was a positive engagement under all points of view . As soon as it started we quickly realized that we were in the right place. Many people literally enthusiastic about the project and willing to work with us are the best energy to keep going . Not to mention the conversation with Dave Gray ( author of Game Storming ) literally mind . As time went on we realized that we could win , but did not know how they would vote for the judges.
In the end it went well and they relented ! Classic pitch in 3 ‘ , but with a diverse audience and a stage definitely above average are a beautiful experience that we bring home are aware that there is still much to do.
2_ So much still to do, but to date such goals and the most important step in your path to innovative startups ?

We have experienced three stages : analysis, setup and business development . In the first phase lasted several months, we have prototyped and released an MVP deepening the ” graphic recording” . A discipline used to represent ideas stirring images and text to highlight the relationships between the concepts. This technique is normally used in meetings, seminars, conferences and workshops where a graphic facilitator keeps track of the concepts expressed . Draw in real time on a blackboard visible to those present . It was not easy to find a channel on which to test the idea and for this reason we have lost a lot of time , but after we started having some encouraging result . Better defined the product we took the direction of the service “as a service ” . The client sends a sound , a script or a simple brief and we take care of all the rest creating the voicemap then the client will use in its internal or external communication depends on him. VoiceMap ltd was officially launched in March 2013. Even this was not a path without pitfalls . Identify the right partners you out of the country of origin is not simple. E ‘ was, however, interesting to see how another country. We are now in full development of the business, but always with an ear to what the market tells us in the coming weeks and we are coming in a little ‘ news.
3_VoiceMap comes with double seat : Italy (Milan) – England ( London ) : what does it mean for a startup innovative live in Italy ? You think that at this time the foreign offer more opportunities or incentives?

Today we live in a multicultural world where information circulates constantly open . The Italian Companies must learn to be open themselves. London for us is a cultural choice and legal. Will be international from day one striving to be a European reality . Not secondary to the need to have access to more consolidated Anglo-Saxon law for the management of fund raising and international contracts .

4_In Italy , you are our residents Talent Garden , at the headquarters of Milan, what brought you to us? Do you think for a startup innovative and creative as your can be an added value to reside within a coworking space ?

VoiceMap believes in networking day by day for this reason we frequent several co-working : TechHub in London, Garden and Impact Talent Hub in Milan. TAG has a strong commitment to digital and for us it was a natural choice to use it as a base in Milan. We met so many people with different skills , but all with a great desire to make a difference.

5_Quali advice you think you can give to a young artist who would like to start their own business idea in Italy?

The most important thing is vertical expertise of a sector, the pragmatism , good versatility and some money in your pocket. If you have no money, avoid making entrepreneurs. Do you work for someone for a while ‘ and set aside the necessary. The rest you learn from your mistakes on the field …

6_A question almost ritual at last what about VoiceMap’s future goals?

We are opening our project at all graphic recorder or would-be interested in having a showcase of their work on our platform using the player and editor voicemap . Other new features in the pipeline, but it is premature to talk about it touches you subscribe to
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Stay tuned …. !

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