Internet e porchetta. Solo a #PWES4! Il resoconto del terzo aperitivo alla ricerca di speaker nello Stivale.

Schermata 2013-05-31 alle 15.32.47On May 29, the Working Capital Accelerator Telecom Italy in Rome has been the seat of the preview of the fourth edition of Pane, Web e Salame, the event is looking for people to which the Internet has saved their life. Talent Garden and the guys of Gummy Industries have the pleasure to organize the third leg of a tour that will allow you to choose the best speaker to lead to the final day of Brescia, on June 20. The five talk, introduced by Fabrizio and Alessandro Martire Mininno from Gummy Industries and by David Dattoli from Talent Garden, showed stories sometimes poignant, but still funny and innovative. The evening, which for the occasion has taken the name of Pane, Web e Porchetta, has seen participation and curiosity for the initiative, elements that have contributed to its success.

The first to go on stage is Lorenzo Di Ciaccio from Pedius, the startup created to allow those who are deaf to use the telephone. In support of the cause is also Gabriele Snakes, which shows how the App has eliminated all barriers caused by his condition as a deaf-mute. In short, a flying start.

Not least are the other speakers. Valeria Iannozzi, Rome Yelp community manager, talks about her experience in the field of social media and review of the premises of the capital. A tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

The third talk was instead presented by Giulio Vita, a young man born in Venezuela who has decided to retrace the path instead of the parents emigrated to South America. To do so he decided to recover its roots back to Italy and creating the Guarimba Film Festival in Amatea (Calabria), a manifestation of short films that owes its birth to the network. A story of passion and desire to do that has entertained and made to think the public.

The penultimate talk was the protagonist something that everyone loves: food. And ‘in fact the story of Fonderia, a project of two advertisers, who have decided to combine the design and communication to the desserts! Mouth watering for all thanks to original photo of the rolling become viral on the platforms Tumblr and Facebook.

The fourth talk was for Andrea Natella from Kook, who between unicorns without nanny and photos of Captain Spock tells the story of “Ever dream this man?” The phenomenon of common dream famous thanks to the Internet.

The event concludes with the much-desired aperitif wine and porchetta. What better ending to a pleasant evening in the heart of Rome?

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