Make the Most of Mobile World Congress

Will you be attending the Mobile World Congress? We hope so! There will be several unique events meant to skyrocket your global network, expand your business ideas, and elevate your professional and personal mindset. Below, we have outlined a guide of several different events you can attend to give you the best and most fulfilling experience possible while at MWC 2018!

A great part of the MWC is the interactive list of onsite activities they have for people to take part in. Ranging from things to “Play”, “See”, and “Do”, there are many fun events that are offered! Are you interested in the future of automated cars? Take a trip to BMW’s “Personal CoPilot Experience” located in Zone 5 of the Networking Garden. Here you will be able to hail your very own autonomous car and let it take you wherever you want to go! Maybe you want to attend the annual Global Mobile Awards? Known as the “Oscars of the Mobile Industry”, these awards are given to the companies with a very high impact on the current landscape of the mobile industry. With this being the 23rd consecutive year, there is no room to miss this event as it attracts the most fascinating and influential innovations within the business!

Promoting innovation is one of the most important objectives of the MWC. In a world that is advancing at such a rapid rate, it is imperative to highlight those creations that forge the future of the mobile world. Introducing NEXTech, a famous event within the conference that aims to publicize the world’s “next-generation technology, forward-thinking companies, and innovation currently disrupting the mobile ecosystem.” This event will give you insight on all sorts of interesting creations, like the newest developments in drone technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and more! If hearing about this strikes a cord of curiosity within you, then walk over to “NEXTech Hall 8.0”. This is where all of these great creations will be shown!

One of the main attractions of Mobile World Congress is the infinite ability to network. To make the process easier for you, the conference has organized large meet-ups, sponsored by a whole host of different companies, such as Visa, Citi, and EY. These events not only allow you to meet others at the conference, but they also offer an opportunity to focus the discussion towards an interest of yours. For example, on Tuesday at 16:00 you have the choice to converse about “seizing the upside of disruption” or how to maintain brand control. Lastly, one of the time slots has been catered specifically to the ins and outs of the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. It’s your chance to share your knowledge with others, while also listening to theirs!

Included in the networking event schedule there is a Speed Coaching and Networking Session, held by the GSMA program Women4Tech, to help you grow as a professional, leader, and teammate. Women4Tech has been a part of MWC for two years now to promote diversity and equality in the workplace due to the evident gender gap within the mobile industry. The sessions  are open to all genders and their goal is to transform companies to project an atmosphere that empowers women. Women4Tech offers a variety of speakers and workshops in order to bring the issue of gender diversity to the table, while also discussing the future of technology. A few examples are “How to Thrive as a Women in Tech”, “Grow Yourself, Grow Your Startup”, and “Diversity in Mobile and Tech”. You can be a part of the movement to make a change for equality in the workplace!

With the wide assortment of events that MWC has available, you are able to cater the conference directly to your interests. From riding in a self-driving car to fighting for equality, these next four days have a lot to offer. Take advantage of the great opportunities that lie ahead!

26 February 2018

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