Startup Weekend Roma 2013: ha vinto Tirgoo di Luca Gallo!

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The 2013 edition of Startup Weekend Rome has just ended and for those who lived in full as we Talent Garden , it was a little unique to managers and overwhelming.
Came from all over Italy hundreds of aspiring Startuppers that Friday, October 25 evening have crossed the threshold of the Temple of Hadrian, the Roman prestigious location that has ospiato for the event , all with the desire to be there, to get in and partakers game for 54h as required by formar made ​​in the USA . A ‘ unique explosion of energy, passion and creativity that went on our first evening Roman .
33 ideas submitted , 13 finalists as the most voted by the participants, who have won the opportunity to appear before a jury of experts in the digital age.
Saturday, October 25 , it officially starts with 24h hours non-stop ! The teams are formed , now we must prepare a presentation worthy of the pole position ! We could not believe it when around 2:00 pm all the boys were still sitting there with their roundtables to work undeterred in their project surrounded by cans of Red Bull and chocolate bars ! A pride for us all these guys that demonstrate to our country who have not yet stopped dreaming and are willing to give their best to achieve it.
Of course Sunday, October 27 , the faces and the faces I pull was tired , many have spent the night in white, other organizing with sleeping bags and mattress you are granted a small siesta , but the best thing was to see the alchemy is created between the participants and the party atmosphere that has never faded.
We arrived at 16:00 pm the long awaited moment : the final pitch in front of the jury !
Here are the winning ideas and their founders :

Tirgoo – Luca Gallo
Back at full load
final presentation

T-Shirts Where’s My Car – Edward Venturini
the contest that makes winning t-shirts
final presentation

30eLode – Andrea Ciufo
To connect students to repeat
final presentation

HeartWatch – Fabrizio Clementi
Monitor health
final presentation

Suin – Giulio Rizzo
Vintage Games Entertainment
final presentation

Talent Garden interviewed a few days ago Luca Gallo winner of this year with # Tirgoo , which has said that’s what !
1 ) Hello Luca and again congratulations on your victory ! How did you hear about # SWROMA ?
Groups on FB , blogs that deal with the Italian Startup scene .
2) What are your impressions of heat on this format? integreresti or would you change anything?
For me it was a beautiful and unique .
3 ) Tell us your startup idea # Tirgoo , how did you target and what would you like to ask ?
The idea behind # Tirgoo born in 2006 watching a show of Beppe Grillo in which he pointed out the huge waste of resources we commit consuming products that come from far away when in fact we may limit ourselves to consume what is produced in our own land . Compounding it all, Grillo added that according to statistics there are many trucks that circulate empty …
4 ) How did you organize the design development of the presentation ? (Team / roles / help from mentor )
The presentation was an excellent example of collaboration and synergy by all . Da Graziano , our brilliant designer , who worked on the graphics of the slide , the rest of the team (especially Valentino) who prepared the business plan , marketing and competitive analysis .
I was not kidding when I said that the pitch in the team is a Rockstar Team!
5 ) Tirgoo wins # SWROMA , 2013 … next goal ? You will continue to work with the same team?
I certainly hope so. What we need to do now is to study the market better and go out there and talk to the people involved ie those drivers . It is not an easy time for them and this could be an opportunity for # Tirgoo .
6) Useful Tips for those who would like to participate in an issue of the SW, but not yet convinced ?
Do not think too much! I joined out of curiosity and desire to experience and learn about people.
I never tire of saying that beyond the victory , the experience in itself and all that I learned was already a great achievement .

Thanking Luca Gallo for his kind words!

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