Talent Garden media partner di Startup Weekend Torino!

Schermata 03-2456356 alle 12.09.45Hey guys, here we are again! This time from Torino… Tag mediapartner of Torino Startup Weekend!

♦ whereI3P – Incubatore Imprese Innovative – Politecnico di Torino

♦ when: march 2013,  from friday the 22nd to sunday the 24th

♦ speakers: Diego Trinciarelli (CTO/Lead developer – Timbuktu) – Giuseppe Giorgianni (Italy beverage country manager – Ferrero) – Frangino Lucarini (partner manager – Nokia)

♦ coaches: Puria Nafisi Azizi (Partner and CRM at Axant) – Bruno Bellissimo (C.T.O. at Qurami & tassa.li co-founder) – Giampaolo Mancini (Founder and C.E.O. at Trampoline) – Irene Cassarino (Founder & CEO at The Doers Project – IxD for startups) – Giusi Cannone (Start-Up Initiative, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank) – Salvatore Perri (Founder & CEO at Dunter).

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