Tech Events 2018

Monday February 26th to Thursday March 1st  Mobile World Congress: In 2017, MWC attracted over 100,000 visitors. You can only imagine what 2018 will be like! Don’t miss being at the center of all the new tech and startups in Barcelona. Check out the website for more information. This is a must attend event!

Tuesday, February 27th  TECHicons18 at Mobile World Congress (Cost 0 – 1,000 euros): Awards will be presented for “hottest mobile tech startup”, “best startup accelerator”, and more. This can be a great place to network and see which companies are the best to link up with.

Monday, June 11th – UAV Remote Sensing Applications (Cost 250 – 1500 euros): This is a one week course about sensing techniques using aerial imaging. UAV professionals and researchers will be sharing their knowledge and expertise and there will be real case studies to learn from. A test UAV mission will also be carried out during the week to give students more practice.

Wednesday, June 27th – BCN Professional Career Day, by The Recruiting Network: Register on the website to receive a full list of employers at the event, and to ensure your attendance. This is a good event to attend if you are interested in Sales, Management, IT, Education, and more.

24 January 2018

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