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Super easy! Just send an email to  specifying your name, surname, course you’ve attended, and year you graduated. We will send it to you as soon as possible!

You can contact the dedicated O&A Specialist directly by email to arrange an informative meeting.

It depends on the program:
for Full Time:

  • CodeMaster: no specific qualification required
  • Digital Marketing: background in marketing and communication studies; B2 level in English strongly recommended (accepted studies: Communication and Marketing, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Psychology, Economics and Statistics)
  • UX Design: background in design-related studies (Studies accepted: Design, Architecture, Computer Engineering)
  • Data Science: degree in STEM subjects

No specific educational qualification is required for any of our Part Time positions.

The submission of the questionnaire is not binding. It is a way for the O&A Specialist to get to know you better and to understand if the program fits your profile. You can enrol in the program only after the O&A Specialist accepts your application.

Yes, the system does not save the answers if the questionnaire is not completed and submitted.

There are a few discounts available:


  • The time of enrolment (Super Early Bird rate: for the 1st to the 5th enrolment; Early Bird from the 6th to 15th enrolment, Full Rate from 16th onwards).
  • Referral (in case someone has referred you to Talent Garden), Alumni (in case you have already completed an educational program at Talent Garden Innovation School), partner company (when you have corporate sponsorship that is part of the network of Talent Garden Innovation School partner companies) and other (check with the O&A Specialist), Talent Garden Innovation Schoolger (in case your company has rented coworking space at Talent Garden Innovation School).

For the full-time Bootcamps, in order to book your seat, you pay the entrance fee first and then the rest of the amount in two later instalments within a given deadline (before the Bootcamp starts). For the part-time Programs, you can choose to pay the whole fee at once or in instalment, with the same logic as the full-time payments (entrance fee + instalments).

We usually have three Intakes: winter (starting in January/February), spring (starting in April/May), fall (starting in September/October). For more specific information regarding the dates for each program, please stay updated through our website or contact us at: admission.school@talentgarden.com.

You can always take the questionnaire to find out your eligibility and once you can confirm your participation, contact the dedicated O&A Specialist to find out if there are seats available.

The approval remains valid for 12 months, so if you decide to participate in a future edition of the program within this time frame, please contact your O&A Specialist directly. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the selection process by signing up and filling out the questionnaire.

We have agreements with some accommodation providers (ad hoc discounts for Talent Garden Innovation School students). Ask your O&A Specialist for this information during the selection/enrolment process.

Contact our Orientation & Admissions team, they will help you. Write to admission.school@talentgarden.com. Remember to mention which program you are interested in or if you are not sure yet, we can help you.

The scholarship covers the full amount of the tuition fees, while the enrolment fee (700 euros for Part Time programs and 900 euros for Full Time Bootcamps) is always borne by the participant.

On the basis of merit. A Challenge Day is organised for each program, where two practical projects and a final interview are used to assign a score and decide the ranking. For the CodeMaster Bootcamp, the scholarship will be awarded to the best assignments.

When you book the interview, you have the option to do the interview online via Google Hangouts. You will be guided through the whole process.

Contact our Orientation & Admissions team directly. They will help you. Write to admission.school@talentgarden.com. Remember to mention which program you are interested in or if you are not sure yet, we can help you.

If you actively attend 80% of the training activities, you will receive a digital diploma issued by Talent Garden Innovation School and certified using blockchain technology.

It depends on several factors. Book an orientation interview with a member of the O&A team.

Read the brochure of the program you are interested in, you will find the relevant information.

Full-time courses are designed for recent graduates who are about to enter the world of work and are able to devote 40 hours/week to training for the required period. Part Time courses are designed for professionals with at least 3 years of work experience who want to integrate digital skills into their professionalism. The lessons are held online, twice a week. The days depend on the program you are interested in. The schedule can be found in the brochure as well.

For full-time programs the average age is around 25 and for part-time programs around 35.

There is no maximum age for our Part Time masters, only a minimum of 3 years work experience. Contact the dedicated O&A Specialist if you want to know statistics about participants already enrolled in the current class or in the past.

In the Full Time programs a career boost is foreseen with different activities in which we put students in contact with companies.

After a full-time or part-time course of study, students become members of the Alumni community, and among the initiatives planned is the possibility of getting in touch with companies in different sectors that are looking for people with digital skills.

Talent Garden Innovation School offers to support students with the “Job Opportunities” program where they will receive help from professionals to build their LinkedIn profile, Portfolios, resumes, for more visibility and get ready for job interviews. We will support students get in touch with partner companies that are interested in hiring new talents by securing job interviews with HR representatives.

Yes, there are preparatory and in-depth materials that will be shared with you during the Bootcamps/programs.

It is important for us to know the professional background of our Part Time classroom participants. We want to create a classroom that is as enriching as possible for all participants.

As of 1 January 2019, all companies are obliged to issue electronic invoices via PEC or the Intescambio System. The PEC address is used to download the electronic invoice from the website of the tax agency. If you are a private individual, not in possession of an active VAT number, you can ignore the email and refer only to the courtesy copy you received on your ordinary email address.

It is a learning methodology that enables rapid learning by leaving the study of theory to individual study and focusing on practice during live activities where students can have the support of the experts involved and other students in a peer to peer mode.

As VAT is a non tax-deductible cost for individuals, Talent Garden has decided to cover its amount for all students who decide to enrol and do not have an active VAT number. For all students who do have a VAT number, and for companies, Talent Garden is obliged to charge VAT on the cost of the Master, a cost that is deductible the following year. In the case of students with an active VAT number in regime, we encourage you to consult your accountant to make a decision on invoicing.

Yes, there is a 15% discount on coworking rates if you are a student in one of our programs.

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