15+1 UX Design Techniques you can't miss

Discover the 16 fundamental methods and techniques that must be in every designer’s toolbox

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Curiosity, passion for creativity… and the right tools!

To be the best UX Designer, you need curiosity, a strong passion to understand people and research – and the right tools can really make a difference!

No need to Google the answers anymore! We have gathered the 16 most important methods you must know. For each, we have added a description of what they are, what they do, in which phase you should use them and – last but not least – useful resources to dive deep into each topic!

What you will learn:

  1. What these methods and techniques are
  2. What you can achieve
  3. In which phase you should use them
  4. References to dive deeper into the topic

About Sketchin

Sketchin is the advanced strategic-design studio that globally pioneers the future experience. We empower forward-thinking companies to explore and face the future by launching new endeavors, evolving organizations, enhancing human experiences, and shaping business transformations to create long-lasting and sustainable value.

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