The Importance of First-Party Data at the Expense of Third-Party Cookies

How will Digital Advertising work in a world where Third-Party Cookies are discontinued?

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Discover a new way to track users online, collect behavioural data and activate marketing campaigns with a privacy-centric approach.

The ability to save a third party cookie on any website means a user’s behaviour can be tracked across the whole web, and as a result, their habits and interests can be calculated. These elements are essential to create audiences and, more in general, for online advertising.

Discover how the whole Web Advertising infrastructure will soon change, the new role of First Party Data and how this will impact your digital marketing strategy!

What you will learn

  1.  We will explain what First, Second and Third Party Data are and the role of each one
  2.  We will talk about what is happening to Third Party Data, the impact of a deeper attention to privacy on cookies and the consequences for Digital Advertising
  3. You will find out what are the two main alternatives that are being defined in order to substitute Third Party Data, how they will work and what are the critical elements
  4. You will discover useful insights, best practices and tools – relevant for anyone who works in web advertising!

Download the Free Report Now!

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