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Digital Marketing Bootcamp Vienna

Start your career as a Digital Marketing Expert with a complete skill set, an excellent command of the most-used tools, two projects to showcase your new skills and lots of networking opportunities in Talent Garden’s digital and tech community.

In this 13-week intensive project-based Digital Marketing Full-time Bootcamp, you will be immersed in the world of Digital Marketing. From a solid foundation in digital marketing strategy we deep dive into topics such as social media, content design, search engine marketing, programmatic advertising, analytics and conversion rate optimization. Set entirely at the Talent Garden Campus in Vienna, you will learn in-person from experienced Marketing experts the knowledge and mindset needed to start your Digital Marketing career.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Vienna
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We’re your perfect match

3 main reasons you should join us


Fellow Students

Fellow Students

We accept a maximum of 20 participants per intake. Having a limited group size ensures that our experts can answer all your questions and provide feedback.




Use what you learned in class to create two projects for your UX Design portfolio, and train your soft skills. Each participant will work on an individual project and a group project.


Networking events per year

Networking events per year

Your learning experience will not be confined to the classroom, our campus offers much more: Network with our community in numerous events and meet potential employers, partners and friends.

Your future in the field

What is Digital Marketing and what does a Digital Marketer do?

What is Digital Marketing and what does a Digital Marketer do?

A digital marketer is a professional who successfully develops, implements and manages marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products and/or services. The digital marketer plays a major role in enhancing brand awareness within the digital space as well as driving website traffic and acquiring leads/customers.

Are Digital Marketing jobs in demand?

LinkedIn has listed Digital Marketing as one of the Top 10 in-demand skills on the job market globally.

It offers great opportunities for career advancement. From an entry-level position to a highly specialised role, you have the opportunity to scale your career with Digital Marketing skills, leading to more responsibilities. It’s also a vital skill set, whether you are employed or self-employed.

At the end of the Bootcamp, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of growth & digital marketing in a business
  • Understand how channels work together, and what and how to measure
  • Create personas, segments and target groups
  • Craft digital marketing strategies
  • Create valuable, relevant and outstanding content with various approaches and tools
  • Plan, execute and measure paid social marketing campaigns on various channels
  • Analyse and optimise campaigns
  • Create high-converting landing pages with different tools
  • Understand the value of Conversion Rate Optimization and use CRO tools
  • Optimise websites, landing pages & online stores for conversions
  • Understand how search engines work, and develop and execute an SEO strategy
  • Use programmatic advertising in the digital marketing mix
  • Understand the advantages of data-driven advertising
  • Optimise processes and leverage marketing automation
  • Understand the value of customer data & personalized experiences
  • Use the latest AI tools in digital marketing

Our alumni currently work for:

Publicis Sapient
Leroy Merlin
Reply Bitmama
Design Group Italia
Coca Cola

Who is the Bootcamp for?

This Bootcamp is designed for participants who want to learn how to attract, convert and delight customers to either start a career as a Digital Marketing Specialist or to integrate Digital Marketing skills into their current profession. Previous experience or knowledge in Digital Marketing is not needed. The only requirements are: You should be willing to work in a team, eager to learn in a fast-paced environment and have problem-solving skills.You might be the ideal candidate if you - want to change your career to a job profile that is in high demand or - already have some experience in a marketing, but you want a broad, holistic and up-to-date knowledge of Digital Marketing to have better career opportunities or - want to add Digital Marketing to your skill set to be ready for the business challenges of the future and be able to boost any business

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  • Please note that the Bootcamp is in English, so a proficient knowledge of the language is required.
  • During the first interview with our team, we will understand if the Bootcamp is the right choice for you.

What our alumni say about us

Who could tell you better what it means to attend a course at Talent Garden than those who have already experienced it? Contact our alumni to find out about their success stories, get some insights into the course and to benefit from our Referral Program!

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp at Talent Garden is an invaluable investment for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the digital marketing field. The Bootcamp is comprehensive, interactive and in-person, striking a perfect balance between theory and practical application. The learning experience it offers is not just about gaining knowledge, but about immersing oneself in the fascinating world of digital marketing. If you’re contemplating where to take your next digital marketing course, I wholeheartedly recommend Talent Garden. It’s a decision you won’t regret!

Jana Alaraj

Digital Marketing Specialist @ Lexogen

Contact me

Thanks to the exceptional support from the Talent Garden team I made it into the first Digital Marketing Bootcamp in Vienna. I had high expectations for the Bootcamp, but they were far exceeded! The learning journey with Talent Garden Innovation School was incredibly intensive and at the same time a lot of fun thanks to the very special atmosphere. At one of my first job interviews I showed up with my new certificate and immediately got the full-time job as Digital Marketing Specialist.

Michael Hernandez

Digital Marketing Specialist @ Wowflow

Contact me

Our selection process

Get Started

Get Started

Enter your data on our website and receive a welcome email with all the info. Please check your spam folder too, just in case!

Fill the Online Questionnaire

Fill the Online Questionnaire

You will receive the link to a questionnaire to share more about yourself.

Schedule Your Interview

Schedule Your Interview

After filling out the questionnaire, book your personal (online) interview with Olta, our Orientation & Admission Specialist. It’s an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have and for us to know more about your background and motivation.



Did you get in? You will receive feedback within a few days after completing all steps of the application process.

talent garden
talent garden

What you’ll learn

In this 13-week Digital Marketing Bootcamp, we will cover all topics to help you launch your career as a Digital Marketer. From a solid foundation in digital marketing strategy we deep dive into topics such as social media, content design, search engine marketing, programmatic advertising, analytics and conversion rate optimization.

1 | Growth & Digital Marketing Strategy (Basics)

In the first module, you will understand the role of growth & digital marketing in a business.
You will learn how channels work together and how to set KPIs. You will be able to create personas, segments and target groups.

In module 2, you will understand why a content strategy and an editorial calendar is important and you will learn how to create valuable, relevant and outstanding content. You will get familiar with various content marketing approaches and tools.

After this module, you will understand what and how to measure in digital marketing. You will learn how to use tag managers to organize web analytics and how to apply different attribution models.

In module 4, you will understand the importance of social media marketing and you will know how to create rich content for social media. You will learn how to leverage social media as channels in the marketing mix.

This module will teach you how to plan, execute and measure paid social marketing campaigns on various channels and how to analyse and optimise campaigns.

After this module, you will know how to efficiently create landing pages with different tools and what the elements of a high-converting landing page are.

In this module, you will understand the value of CRO in a highly competitive landscape. You will learn which CRO tools to use and how to use them. You will also understand how to optimize websites, landing pages & online stores for conversions.

After this module, you will understand how search engines work. You will be able to develop a SEO strategy and execute it (together with a web development team). You will know how to optimize content and build links for SEO.

This module will teach you how to use programmatic advertising in the digital marketing mix as well as the advantages of data-driven advertising.

After this module, you will know how to optimize processes and leverage marketing automation.

In the last module, you will understand the value of customer data & personalized experiences and how to use the latest AI tools in digital marketing.


Scientific coordinator
Dominik Berger
Founder&CEO, Growth & Digital Marketing Consultant | Attention Fox

Dominik is a seasoned growth and digital marketing expert with over a decade of experience across various industries and brands, from startups to corporations. His prowess lies in devising sustainable and growth-driven marketing strategies that yield remarkable results. Apart from his hands-on experience, Dominik imparts his knowledge as a lecturer at various universities. He runs […]

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Faculty Member
Emanuel Jochum
Experience Designer & Content Strategist | n.a. (self-employed)

Emanuel works as an experience designer, content strategist and lecturer. Together with teams in companies, organizations, institutions, social businesses and design agencies, he creates concepts and designs for holistic brand and service experiences. Additionally, he teaches Visual Interface Design in the Bachelor’s degree programme Creative Computing at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and shares […]

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Faculty Member
Marina Vuturo
Digital Brand Strategist | LOOP

Marina Vuturo is a passionate brand and content strategist. With a degree in communication science and content strategy, she has helped to establish the field of content strategy within several advertising agencies before joining LOOP, where she currently consults national and international clients across different industries.

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Faculty Member
Olga Hartinger
Head of Brand & Marketing | Invitario

Olga is working with tech, manufacturers, FMCG, HoReCa and luxury products companies to build their marketing and increase sales for more than 10 years. So far there are four companies working with her technologies and approach. She provided about 80 companies in different industries with a strategy having an average return on investment of 200-350%. […]

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talent garden
talent garden

Live the Talent Garden experience

A unique method

We believe that the only real way to learn things is to actually do them and surround yourself with like-minded and motivated people.

Project-Based Learning

During this course, you will apply your newly acquired skills to two projects. With this method, we close the gap between theory and application. You will get feedback from the experts and be able to add it to your portfolio.

Flexible Self Study and Interactive Live Sessions

With the combination of practical self-study material and hands-on live sessions, we offer you flexibility and interactivity at the same time. The self-study lessons can be done according to your availability and preferences, while the live sessions with the experts and classmates guarantee an engaging environment.

Collaboration & Peer-to-Peer Growth

Your time with us is an opportunity to learn from others, as well as to connect with future business partners and friends. Throughout the live sessions, you will work with your classmates on exercises where you will be continuously encouraged to provide constructive criticism and feedback.

Join our international community

Talent Garden is not only a place to learn, we also offer an innovative, unique environment to grow as a professional and make meaningful connections.

Networking Opportunities

Our campuses all over Europe are full of open and like-minded people – during and also after the course you are invited to join our online and on-site events and meet the members of our community to grow your professional network.

Free Access to Campus

You will be granted free access to our Talent Garden campuses for the whole period of the course. Drop by to study, join the live sessions, work together with your colleagues on the project or join events whenever you want.

Alumni Community

We want to stay in touch also after the course! We have a dedicated Slack channel to connect all our alumni and share interesting job offers, events and updates from our community.

Your learning experience

We care about you and your needs and offer you a high-quality learning experience with the most skilled experts.

Individual 1:1 Mentoring Session

Each student can schedule one-on-one mentoring sessions with experts of their choice to ask in-depth questions about specific topics or to get more detailed feedback on the project. With this initiative, we want to meet every student’s individual needs. You can purchase additional mentoring sessions upon demand.

Limited Group Size & Dedicated Learning Manager

We care about each individual, so we have a maximum number of 20 participants in the course to ensure a high-quality education that meets everyone’s needs. Each class has a dedicated Learning Manager who will take care of the participants and their learning journey.

Experienced Experts

Our faculty members are professionals with many years of UX work experience at high-level companies. They will share lots of real world examples and case studies to give you a realistic understanding of the field. They love teaching, care about each participant and will leave no question unanswered.”

Financial options & Terms of Payment

We believe in personal merit and reward it! We offer two full* scholarships to support talents who want to become digital professionals.

*One of the two scholarships is dedicated to supporting women who want to start a career in tech.

How to participate?

In order to apply for a scholarship, you have to participate in the Scholarship Challenge. To be able to participate, you have to go through the mandatory application process for the Bootcamp (sign up -> questionnaire -> interview). After the interview, the Orientation & Admission Specialist will share the scholarship project brief** with you. Submit your project before the deadline of August 11th, 6 pm, following the process stated in the brief. You will be notified if you won the scholarship or not, latest one week later.

*The winners of the scholarships only have to pay the 900€ enrolment fee.

**The project is not technical, we focus on soft skills. So everyone can participate, no matter their prior knowledge of Digital Marketing.

For applicants from Italy: We have an agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo Prestito per Merito, to offer students enrolled in full-time and part-time programs a personal loan service with favourable conditions.

* This way, you don’t have to worry about finances during the course and can start paying back the loan afterwards!

*Up to €15,000 if you are a full-time student, up to €10,000 if you are a part-time student. Contact us for more details.

AMS customers have the option of receiving funding for our courses on an “individual cost basis”. We will provide you with a cost estimation for the desired course, then you can clarify with your AMS advisor whether funding can be provided in your individual case.

Early Bird Rate
(available until August 15th, 11:59 pm)
5.480€ incl. VAT

Full Rate
(valid from August 16th onwards)
5.980€ incl. VAT

Instalments plan

You don’t have to pay all at once. The Bootcamp tuition can be divided into instalments as you need and the sooner you sign up, the less you pay! Please ask your Orientation & Admission Specialist to set up the perfect payment plan for you.

Please note that the payment should be completed before the start of the Bootcamp. The 900€ registration fee upfront applies to all applicants.


Questions or doubts? Don't worry, we have the info you were looking for. Here are the most common questions:

How can I apply for the Scholarship?

In order to be eligible for the scholarship you have to go through our mandatory application process. Steps to follow: Apply -> Fill in the questionnaire -> Book Interview. The Interview is the perfect time for you to ask all the questions you have. After that, you will receive a project you need to work on to participate in the scholarship challenge.

We have a mandatory application process for the UX Design Bootcamp. Before providing you with a cost estimation or timetable, we need to evaluate your profile and motivations. Steps to follow: Apply now -> Fill in the questionnaire -> Book Interview. The Interview is the perfect time for you to ask all the questions you have. Only after that, we can proceed with the documents you need for AMS.

There are two projects in this Bootcamp. One group project and one personal project.

No, there is no test at the end of the course. Instead, you will work on a project or projects as the outcome of the course.

There is no need to buy any licenses. Talent Garden will share an educational license with you for the course duration.

Don’t worry! The Learning Manager will contact you 2 weeks before the start of the course. We suggest you keep an eye on your spam/promotions folder for any lost communication. In any case, feel free to contact your Orientation&Admission Specialist.

There are 2 to 3 editions per year for our courses. If you would like to know the next dates please contact [email protected]

If you pay the fee for the upcoming dates of this course, you can cancel your participation within 2 weeks after the payment without any penalty. Otherwise, if for any reason you have to cancel your participation after the 2-week notice period, you won’t be eligible for a refund. You can still use the enrollment fee in the upcoming courses within a year of the 1st payment.

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