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Are you a member of a startup company? Are you interested in sharing your idea in front of 19,000+ people? Maybe you are a curious investor seeking interesting business ideas, or someone who craves more knowledge about the business world?

If so, then look no further because on February 26-28th, 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the fastest growing startup business platform in the world, is coming to Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress! This is not an opportunity you will want to miss, as there is no event quite like it. With over 19,000 attendees, 600 exhibits, 700 investors, and 275 speakers, 4YFN is THE event to propel any startup or investment-minded individual into future success. As they say, it’s “where potential meets funding”. Not to mention, there will be people from over 160 countries, providing everyone a chance to expand their global network! In a world as diverse and globalized as today, building an international network is key, and this event provides you an easy outlet to do just that.

The main purpose of 4YFN is to connect startups, investors, corporations and communities of business-minded individuals through a series of international events. Their goal: to enable people like you to connect and launch new ventures together, reach a global network, and overcome arising market challenges. To achieve this, there are countless networking activities, congresses, community outreach opportunities and unique workshops to participate in. Events such as how to fast-track business growth in the digital era, tips and tricks when negotiating with investors, and a how to engage in corporate innovation with startups are just a few of many! With over 40+ workshops there is a whole host of great information for there to be learned!

Additionally, 4YFN 2018 is offering a wide variety of featured programs! For example, the Digital Health and Wellness Summit, meant to analyze the needs and challenges of health care around the world, is a great place for digital health startups to meet investors and improve health care delivery. There is also the Powering Innovation Summit, where you can get advice from experienced entrepreneurs to help your business take off and succeed. If you are interested in immersing yourself in a world of knowledge, these are great programs to do just that!

The conference organizes itself to go hand in hand with what it means to be a startup. Each day follows a different theme: Monday is “disruption”, Tuesday is “transformation”, and Wednesday is “innovation”, each topic vitally important for idea generation and progression. The daily themes feature various keynote speakers, panels, workshops, and pitches. Certain events have collaborated with 4YFN’s partners such as Nestle, Google, and Microsoft, and others headline industry leaders like Facebook and Nokia. Here’s your chance to make an impression and form a connection with a revolutionary and forward-thinking company!

One exciting attraction within the 4YFN event is the 4YFN Awards. Prior to the conference, 10 startups have been selected as the best-of-the-best. These groups have the opportunity to present their ideas on the Banco Sabadell Stage stage to potential investors, the press, and anyone else interested! Not only is the winner rewarded with a great reputation and endless bragging rights, but other prizes are given as well to compensate for their tireless efforts. To name a few, they receive an article published in the 4YFN Investors Club newsletter, a free 4YFN startup booth at Mobile World Congress 2019, and a free, 14-day stay at the Startup Embassy in Palo Alto, California. The semi-finals will be taking place Tuesday, February 27th at 11:00 and 16:00, and the finals will be the 28th at noon.

Is 4YFN calling your name? If so, buy your tickets! Ticket sales will officially end on February 25th, 2018. Also, if you find yourself in the area, feel free to swing by our coworking office located on Carrer de Muntaner, 239, 08021. We always love meeting new people and would greatly enjoy introducing you to our community here at Talent Garden Barcelona!

Fortunately, if you are unable to make it to 4YFN at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, you have other opportunities to join the startup party! In addition to Barcelona, 4YFN will be present at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai from June 27-29, and Mobile World Congress Americans from September 12-14.

26 February 2018

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