A Community Builder

The role of a community builder is just as it sounds. They are often a first face you see, one who facilitates relationships and familiarizes you with all the functions of your new coworking space. Without a community builder, a coworking space would be one without structure, more similar to a shared workplace that lacks relationships, resources, and community.

There are about 4 roles a community builder takes on in order for things to run smoothly.

1. They are the host. What this means is that they are basically responsible for owning the coworking space. On the physical side, they make sure simple things are in place, that different spaces are neat and available for use. They take care of any task that would promote the space, such as advertisement or media pages. Additionally for those making transitions, community builders look to make the space overall comfortable. They introduce those visiting as well as those who are new to the coworking community. They take the mail, confirm your membership, and provide any information you might need. 

2. Community builders influence relation. As a part of their title, community builders work to connect people internally and externally depending on the setting. With their help, relationships are organic and natural instead of forced or nonexistent. This could be something as easy as an invitation to lunch, or offered feedback on an important idea. They become responsible for good communication with you if needed, and with any partners if needed.

3. They are innovators! Did you think innovation only flowed through coworking spaces from members? Community Builders often create new events, programs, or curriculums as opportunity for members to succeed. This goes hand in hand with task #2 as a grand part of this includes networking. Networking is one of the biggest outlets and a common business strategy among any entrepreneur or company. When you are a member of a coworking entity, community builders become friends and resources for you to connect with others.

4. Community Builders also play a part in guidance and encouragement. As mentioned above, they guide you in relationships and they are available to hear your pitches. More so though, they are key players in showing you new skills or exchanging ideas. They have stories from those they have known, and from personal experience that they are able to share with you!

In summary, a community builder is important in order to make sure things are flowing in the coworking community. They are the core of the space, as they become one of the keys resources and facilitators of a members involvement. 

10 January 2018

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