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Over the past years, Talent Garden has grown into a truly international community with like-minded Taggers from Italy to Vienna, Copenhagen, Dublin, Rome, Barcelona, Turin, Bucharest, and many other phenomenal places. Talent Garden aims to continuously provide its members with opportunities to grow both personally and professionally and to enable startups and companies to succeed.

And while building strong local communities is important it’s also vital to have a seamless way to build international business relations with Taggers across Europe. The new Talent Garden Networking App: Gini, was created especially for this purpose and will be officially launched on the 13th of June 2019 connecting thousands of Taggers across campuses and countries.

Talent Garden Gini - Networking App


Gini is a professional matchmaking assistant here at Talent Garden. A web app, that can be accessed from your phone or desktop at It helps expand its user’s professional network within the international Talent Garden community. By simply logging in with the members’ TAG People account, Gini merges the provided person and company profile information. The algorithm then analyses the best people to connect with.


Every Thursday, Gini provides its users with five AI-powered match recommendations from the international Talent Garden community. For each recommendation, the app shows the Taggers profile and gives the option to connect or not. If chosen to connect Gini sends a request to the other Tagger, asking if they would like to receive a short introduction. If the other Tagger agrees, they will be introduced via email to arrange to meet.

Networking App Talent Garden


Networking is about building and sustaining long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet. Networking has many benefits, starting from a personal level it will help build character and increase confidence. It’s great for getting new perspectives, sharing feedback, ideas and acquiring new skills from experts in certain professional fields or industry.

On a business level, networking increases the chances of getting referrals, partnerships, and collaborations because it helps to establish profile and brand credibility, talking to people in person gives a more positive lasting impression than simple online engagement. And every encounter provides opportunities to master a business pitch and learn how to share business ideas and skillsets in a way that is interesting and engaging.

With Gini, building long-lasting international business relationships has never been easier – happy networking!

31 May 2019

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