Are You a Freelancer? Here Are 5 Reasons to Use a Coworking Space

As COVID has forever changed the world of work, freelancers can be seen as a more attractive option to hire for business projects rather than permanent employees. Online platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork give freelancers ample opportunities to showcase their talents and gain valuable freelance jobs from reputable companies. Coworking spaces have become one of the most disruptive elements of today’s working environment and digitalization of the world has made working away from the traditional workplace easier through video calls, collaboration tools, emails, and social networking. In the last few years, the professional world has experienced a more flexible way of working, as freelancers have no desire to climb the corporate ladder to success. 

Becoming a freelancer in Ireland requires picking up a lot of skills for success. Many Irish freelancers specialise in the tech and digital areas such as programming, content creation, design, consultancy, IT and writing because the demand for these skills are sky high. As the freelance market is continuously growing, with research suggesting that 50% of the workforce will be employed on a freelance basis by 2027, mastering  skills in the digital realm is even more important to freelancers in order to become a prominent figure in the industry.

Transitioning from full time employment and having someone to answer to may sound ideal, but it is not as easy as you may think. Freelancers must be sure they have a financial cushion, a skill that is relevant to the Irish market, and the right amount of discipline to be flexible and diligent when needed. However, in Ireland our values and society is evolving as people no longer feel as though they have to stay in one job for all of their life. We are no longer living to work, and freelancers work to live. Through choosing the opportunity to be your own boss, work flexible hours, and endless independence in your career moves us further from the 9-5 lifestyle we were so used to many years ago. 


Why is Coworking the best option for freelancers?

Instead of vertical growth up the corporate ladder, freelancers tend to gain lateral growth through gaining and implementing knowledge picked up from one project to the next. Freelancers prefer to generate ideas and solutions themselves, and in that way appreciate being around others who can help them grow and develop their skills for new endeavours. This is just the kind of environment a coworking space cultivates. 

As freelancers are working in a more flexible and empowered way, it only makes sense that they benefit from working in a flexible and empowering environment such as a coworking space. Unlike traditional office spaces, Talent Garden encourages networking, collaborative work, and creative problem-solving with our digital and tech professionals. It is the perfect environment for coworkers to source new knowledge from community skill-sharing that is useful to implement in your existing work to attract better results. Interacting with professionals from various digital and tech industries also increases exposure to other products and service possibilities as coworking spaces are a hub for like-minded people to come together and become a community. 

As 41% of coworking spaces were filled with freelancers in 2019, coworking spaces ensure that they adjust their space and membership plans to suit freelancers, regardless of their work mobility or preference for a traveling lifestyle. At Talent Garden, our membership plans allow you to access all 22 of our campuses in 7 countries. If you are passionate about your career goals and entrepreneurship and see the value in working in an innovative, collaborative, and intuitive environment as a freelancer you have the opportunity to get out of your house or cafe and into a coworking space that is the right fit for you.  Your work should compliment you as a person, and the environment you surround yourself with is a big part of valuing your career.


Here are 5 Reasons Why Freelancers Should be in a Coworking Space


1 | Community 

It is a huge motivator to share a workspace with those who have made similar career risks, and share wins and frustrations. Freelancers can become a part of a community which exists to cohesively keep its members focused and determined. The coworking spaces of today actually function as communities that socialise as often as they work. Many spaces hold mixers, workshops, and even on-site activities to help sustain the community environment. 

Through daily interaction with our community, freelancers can gain a boost of confidence needed in the business world as they begin work alongside other professionals who have similar visions to experience feelings of belonging and validation. Although moving to a coworking space can be seen as a career move, it can also bring a social element to working and a sense of accountability for getting work done. Some coworking spaces also have initiatives  and incentives that further allow members to be part of the community like Give & Take our community skill-sharing initiative. .


2 | Exposure to Innovative Thinking

A coworking space can be considered a third alternative to the conventional office and the home office. A stimulating atmosphere and carefully designed workspace that leaves freelancers without any strict rules is ideal for those who want to work hard but also at a relaxed pace and create a network while doing so. As coworking spaces become more popular, they have become full of startups, SMEs, and freelancers who’s different backgrounds give them exposure to innovative thinking.

Working from home seems relatively easy and convenient for workers, but if you enjoy the buzz and background noise in the usual workspace, or you struggle to stay focused at home coworking spaces are ideal. The web of creatives allows freelancers to gain a better sense of why innovation should be at the centre of freelancers strategies. Coworking spaces are also hotspots for breakthrough ideas across our digital and tech community, and through working alongside people with the same amount of ambition and talent as other freelancers there is endless potential for greater success. Even without feeling the need to collaborate with everyone around you, seeing others combine their strengths can enhance motivation and creativity in your career. 


3 | Networking

Working from home means that meeting new people, potential clients, and even friends in the same industry is near impossible. However, at a coworking space you are always surrounded by professionals who may very well be interested in your services. Other members also may have different perspectives on business methods and could make a great mentor to you, or the other way around. Working in a shared workspace also allows you to get in touch with potential clients that are either members of the space or ones who visit the campus on open days and public events. Coworking spaces also have a strong online presence now more than ever, and at Talent Garden we encourage online exposure through social platforms open to all members and the services they offer.

Freelancers can end up unintentionally picking up jobs, projects, or new connections through talking to people. That’s where a coworking space can come in handy. Many of the people you’ll be sharing your workspace with are often in similar industries. Sharing spaces aids the interchange of experiences and professional development. There is also a relatively high rate of new people coming through who all have a different set of connections too. A casual chat with coworkers can often lead to you making some new connections, and eventually freelancing opportunities.

If freelancers are looking to enhance their knowledge in areas including growth hacking, UX design or sales, in a coworking space all of this is possible: workshops, webinars, and events based on what the coworkers are interested in are regularly organized. Freelancers will also have a better opportunity to develop their competencies, as coworking allows them to learn and develop their expertise in different areas from the one they specialize in.


4 | Optimizing Resources 

Due to the dynamism and variation of professionals that are part of a coworking community, coworking spaces must compete to optimize resources that differentiate themselves and become the best space to lend resources that would have otherwise been out of reach for members. When in a coworking space, freelancers can choose a flexible membership pass so that they can use a work-sharing space once a week, once a month, everyday, whatever suits best. Membership plans are flexible to all types of members, Talent Garden offering 5 different membership plans. Moreover, you can work in any of Talent Garden’s campuses using the same membership, a determining benefit when needing to move around whilst meeting various clients. In a coworking space all of the resources needed to take care of in an office (connection, heating, electricity, furniture, space management, reception and cleaning services) are all included in the membership fee. This is agreed beforehand without having any surprises by the end of the year. 

When it comes to membership, you’ll be pleased to find that coworking spaces offer flexible commitments, which is way more cost efficient which is so important to freelancers beginning their career. However, there are discounted monthly packages for those who are willing to commit to the space a couple days a week, and more so for those who plan to come in every day. In order to charm prospective members, coworking spaces offer a whole array of amenities. Many spaces also have designated workshop rooms for members to book by the hour, which is great for meeting with existing and potential clients. Talent Garden provides an open floor plan, flexible desk seating, community spaces, and our clean, modern aesthetic are a given for every campus in Europe. Many spaces stay open late into the evening while Talent Garden even stays open 24/7 for their night owls. We also offer the standard printing and copy services to members, which they can enjoy with a delicious coffee and treat from our TAG Cafe.


5 | Time Management

Separating personal life and professional life requires better time management. As almost all workers have tried remote working this year, it is clear that the line between relaxing and working can become blurred and the volume of work done begins to decrease as it becomes so easier to slip in and out of work. However, being in the conventional office means you must be focused at all times in a larger and more expensive area. In transitioning your work into a coworking space, you maintain a healthy separation and enjoy the comforts of home with much more ease. Coworking offers a structure and a clear distinction between different aspects of life while you can still set a schedule that helps you work and live better.

As a freelancer usually works around a versatile timetable and is flexible to different jobs, good time management is their own responsibility as a freelancer’s schedule can be sometimes unpredictable. This only reinforces the notion that the separation between professional and personal life is becoming more important for freelancers to escape the change between working and daydreaming. As a freelancer who’s just starting their career, it can be hard to make ends meet. Newer freelancers can find themselves constantly pitching and searching for new jobs, and in their search to bring in a satisfactory income, they can easily end up overestimating their abilities in regards to workload. When this happens, the boundaries you have set on your work time are pushed aside – especially when working from home. Your “office” is always in sight of you, and there’s nothing stopping you from working late every night.



The rise of coworking has created a big change in the lifestyles of freelancers all over Europe. With technological advancements, workers who are usually confined to traditional offices can now embrace mobility and independence. Coworking spaces contrast to traditional offices not only because they encourage freedom, but because they also embrace innovation and exploration. Finding your own work-life balance as a freelancer can make an enormous impact on your satisfaction, productivity, and long-term career goals. So if you haven’t already, come into Talent Garden to see what it’s like to think, work, and create outside the box. It may be your best decision yet.

2 July 2020

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