Calling All Entrepreneurs and SMEs to BizBarcelona

Not only is Barcelona one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world, it is home to a rapidly growing startup ecosystem. Here in the city we are surrounded by a melting pot of entrepreneurial initiatives, business growth, innovation, and internationalization and are provided with an opportunity to build international networks and connections. That is why Barcelona is the perfect city to host one of the most successful start up support events, BizBarcelona, an advice and networking event put on by Barcelona Activa.

Taking place in the scenic Recinto Montjuic venue, BizBarcelona will host more than 220 speakers and run 143 workshops and conferences on July 1st and 2nd to help entrepreneurs and SMEs promote their business endeavors. If you are an entrepreneur, SME, or freelancer seeking business opportunities, advice, financing, inspiration, or support this event could be vital to growing your business


With different events to support all phases of your startup, the event is split into three components: Bizempren, bizSME, and bizglobal. Bizempren will cater to entrepreneurs and foster ideas based on vision, through talks with people who successfully seized opportunity, passion, through conferences aimed at helping you find your personal talent, and execution, through conference, consultancy, networking, networking express, and financing market events. BizSME, aimed at small and medium enterprises will host speakers on branding new business management skills through logistics, HR management, innovation management, sales and marketing, and more, financing, and e-solutions such as e-billing and multimedia tools. Bizglobal will host talks on business transfers and franchising. Biz Barcelona is also hosting some really cool side events, such as a wall where you can advertise your business, the Fnac library with countless resources available and guest authors, and the opportunity to actually develop a video pitch for your business with the help of professionals.

Anyone looking for support in the growth and success of their business should make an effort to get to this event. If you are not in Barcelona, this is a great excuse to take a little vacation to this great city. After attending the event make sure to hit the beach and maybe even stop by TAG to say hello!  Our TAG team will be attending BizBarcelona next week and we’re really excited to be surrounded by so many young and talented people. This event is exactly what the coworking and Talent Garden is all about – in the midst of a competitive business world, entrepreneurs, freelancers, SMEs, and professionals can come together to support each other and share creative and innovative ideas. We hope to see you there!

26 June 2015

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