Career Boost: building your professional future

What are my hard and soft skills? How can I create an effective LinkedIn profile? Can I handle a job interview? During your 12-week training course, you will inevitably ask yourself these questions and following your career boost, they will be much easier to answer.

We start with you, learning about who you are, and what your goals are, and we will develop your professional profile, which won’t be a tame job title followed by a list of your technical skills. It’s about creativity, passion, your qualities.

“In order to understand and guide our students towards placements, first of all, we must listen to them,” says our Career Advisor. So, while acquiring hard skills you will, at the same time, get to know and test your soft skills, those that make you unique as a digital professional. How? Through a targeted program with five phases.

  1. Workshop

OBJECTIVE: Awareness of your professional profile and digital identity

We will teach you the principles of personal branding, and you will undertake practical exercises. Using your strengths and your experience you will shape your digital identity. Using a Personal Branding Canvas and an Independent Professional Canvas you will build an effective LinkedIn profile and learn how best to develop your professional network.


  1. Mentorship

OBJECTIVE: help you understand your aspirations and how to best achieve them

During a 30-minute individual interview, you will be able to evaluate and establish where you want to be placed in the employment market and your personal digital storytelling.


  1. Mock Interview

OBJECTIVE: learn how to survive a job interview

A day of mock interviews with HR professionals from different recruitment companies during which you will have two or more job interviews and receive feedback on performance, and be given hints and tips for future interviews.


  1. Assessment

OBJECTIVE: to put yourself to the test by testing your skills

A concrete opportunity to assess your skills, you will solve problems posed by one of the more than 500 partner companies. Specifically, you will participate in:


  • Job Assessment, you will have a few hours, working with your teammates, to find the winning solution to a real issue facing a company.
  • Challenge Night, one night to experience what it means to work on a project.


  1. Project Day

OBJECTIVE: to be able to effectively describe your ideas

On the last day of the Master, you will present your personal project to Taggers and external companies. You will only have five minutes to convince the audience that your idea is really disruptive.


At the end of the career boost, you’ll be ready for the job interviews that your Career Advisor will have identified for you. And after that? You can join the Alumni Community: you will have the opportunity to participate in events dedicated to former students and you will be constantly kept up to date about all new job opportunities. And you can always contact the Career Advisor for support or advice about a possible career change.


Success largely depends on the relationships you build along your journey.

27 June 2019

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