Coding Schools in Barcelona

Coding is becoming a required skill throughout various industries. Coding is the process of assigning an identification or classification. This skill is behind some of the many activities we partake in and use every day. Facebook and the apps we use on our phones (ex: Words with Friends) require coding. Programming jobs are rapidly on the rise as well and these employers are in search of individuals who can code. To gain the knowledge of coding, one must find a school or bootcamp. Here are a few schools in Barcelona that offer coding programs.

Barcelona Coding School

BCS opened up in January 2016 and offers four main programs: The Javascript Full-Stack Bootcamp, BCS Young Coders, WordPress, and Corporate Training; these programs ranging from 8 weeks to short courses/ workshops. The Javascript bootcamp is to build web apps. BCS Young Coders is for children 9 years of age who would like to learn how to code. Learn about all of the programs extensively below!

Iron Hack

Iron Hack has 4 locations: Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, and Miami. This 9 week program offers Web Development Bootcamp, UX UI Design Bootcamp, and  Web Development Part Time. Companies such as Google, Telefonia, and Visa have hired graduates from Iron Hack!

Le Wagon

Le Wagon is a 9 week intensive coding program that has continued gaining popularity since its opening in 2014. This program is offered in 18 cities such as Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam and more. An alternative program, Web Development Basics, is offered online and is completely free!

Other coding schools in Barcelona to consider:

  • Skylab Coders Academy

  • Ubiqum

7 September 2017

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