Data Science Bootcamp Begins!

Last year, LinkedIn estimated that 151,000 Data Scientist jobs went unfilled, and demand continues to outweigh supply. Over the next 18 weeks, a new cohort of students will accelerate their data careers and futureproof their skillset with Machine Learning, Data Visualisation, Data Engineering/Exploration and a practical Data Analytics Framework by taking part in the Talent Garden Innovation School Data Science Bootcamp.

Talent Garden Innovation School Director, Ruth Kearney, said: “Our Bootcamp is for anyone with an analytical background who needs to acquire practical data science skills and knowledge quickly, in an accelerated way. Participants have the opportunity to Bring their Own Data Challenge (BYOD) into the classroom and work on it in a structured and mentored environment. The output is tangible and the business impact is very real”.

This year’s participants come from a range of backgrounds and companies, including Google, Airbus, DCU and representatives from the aviation, asset management and professional services sectors. The Bootcamp offers hands-on, accelerated learning with a panel of expert faculty on board with years of industry experience behind them. With a blend of lab and lectures over two evenings per week, participants will apply their skills to real-world challenges and opportunities by working on industry action projects provided by host partners including Ubotica, Anadue Analytics, Epic Museum and Met Eireann. The student teams will deliver actionable data solutions and valuable insights back to the host businesses. 



The Data Science Bootcamp expert faculty members are committed to the student learning experience and take an action learning approach to teaching, by delivering interactive lectures and practical workshops that are grounded in theory, but focused on real-world application. Our faculty members include:

Steph Locke

Steph is one of only fifty-eight individuals in the world to be recognised with Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Most Valued Professional award. She is the founder of Locke Data, a UK-based data science consultancy, and Nightingale HQ which provides businesses with expert support and tools to manage successful AI adoption.

Dr. Finn Macleod

Finn is a former mathematician with a PhD in predictive complexity. He has built, sold and designed dashboards for clients such as Thomson-Reuters, Formula 1 (via Meshh) and Heineken.

Aoife D’Arcy

Aoife is the Managing Director of data consultancy The Analytics Store. Her expertise ranges from telling stories with data visualisation, to machine learning, to developing analytics strategy, and just about everything else in between.

Mick Cooney

Mick is a quantitative analyst working on data science type projects in financial services. He advises and assists financial services companies in managing and implementing data-driven processes within their organisations.


If you would like to apply to be part of the next Data Science cohort in 2020 (March – July) download the brochure and get in touch with one of Innovation School team members.

30 September 2019

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