Education and Innovation: Teaching the workforce the digital business needs of the future

According to BCG, 75% executives believe that AI will empower their companies to create innovation and attain new business opportunities. Businesses and corporations must embrace concepts such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital transformation if they want to get and stay ahead of the competition.

But the real challenge for Danish companies is not finding the latest technologies but finding capable and experienced professionals to implement them. More than 50% companies suffer from a digital talent gap within their teams, and 29% employees believe their skills are redundant or will be within the next two years.

It is time for education to evolve and bring innovation and digital skills to the forefront. We need the entrepreneurs of technologies to share knowledge and experiences with the current and future workforce to decrease the digital talent gap. And to encourage professionals to become leaders with the correct insight and abilities to guide companies into the future.

Talent Garden Innovation School is a new educational institute in Copenhagen aimed at transferring industry know-how from some of the world’s most successful tech entrepreneurs to Danish managers and executives. The goal is to bring knowledge about the practical use of technologies such as AI, blockchain and more from industry experts, directly into Danish companies and to encourage the development of an environment that will use these new tools immediately to benefit the company.

“Danish companies collect huge amounts of data, and in combination with AI, significant results can be created in a relatively short time, and for relatively small investments. Talent Garden Innovation Schools first course enables participants to get started with AI immediately. Thanks to the teachers’ practical experience, working with AI will also be put into business context. In other words, it will not be about theory but practical business support with the entire value chain in mind, ” says Bodil Christine Reumert, director for Talent Garden Innovation School. “Today, there is a large gap in the knowledge of management even in the largest Danish companies and tech companies that otherwise should excel in the use of advanced new technology. Therefore, we have chosen to establish this new school that offers modern training and education. And is a forum for exchanging concrete experiences with experts who know most about the technologies and the professionals that need it most.”

The Talent Garden Innovation School Copenhagen is here to upgrade your knowledge, career opportunities and toolbox for your future work challenges, and to help you and your company grow successfully. That is why we focus especially on enabling our students to start and to run a process with the rest of their organisation and external suppliers on the implementation of technology e.g. artificial intelligence.

The peer-to-peer aspect of the school means that the tutoring is as close to the participants’ needs as possible. All our trainers are selected from the innovative start-up companies that are part of the international entrepreneurship collective in Talent Garden Rainmaking. In this way, the talented teachers can be spotted and selected according to the current needs of a company.

The individual courses run over two days to one week and there is room for 20-25 participants in each one, which can be taken either collectively or individually. Talent Garden Innovation School is supported by a wide range of partners including Google, Disney and Vodafone.

1 March 2019

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