Fighting stress together: blind lunches and yoga at Talent Garden

The main challenge with stress is to identify what exactly it is. By definition, stress can be identified as a person’s response to a “stressor” element.

A stressor can be an environmental element, a challenge, a condition that forces our organism to react. The continuous presence of “stressors” element in people’s lives is actually the primary source of what we generally call stress

Unfortunately, we live in a world where stress is widely prevalent. Anxieties and our worries have a massive role to play on the origins of stress. We always have stories running through our minds, and they are almost always either in the past or in the future. And these stories mostly consist of anxious thoughts, worries and fears of what could go wrong.

According to COMPsych (2016), the main sources of stress at work include:

  1. Workload, 36%
  2. People issues, 31%
  3. Work-life balance, 20%
  4. Job security, 8%
  5. Other, 5%

A recent study from Moran Cerf, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University (USA), suggests that the people who stay together have their brains aligned and, in the end, they become alike.

It is therefore very important for a company to foster a anti-stress culture by sharing good habits and have some relax moments throughout the day.  

At Talent Garden, we aim to do just that. To celebrate “International Stress Awareness Week” we have organised a range of activities from stress awareness webinars and yoga, to mindfulness and a stress chatbot.

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5 November 2018

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