Why having pets in the coworking reduce stress

Working long hours in an office can be tough, not to mention stressful, especially when you have a lonely pet waiting patiently for you to come home. But what if this problem could be eliminated? Within the last decade or so, the percentage of pets at the office has steadily risen as companies are quickly learning of all the pros associated with workers bringing in their furry little friends. As this trend is becoming more and more popular, some companies are even beginning to offer other services such as dog care, dog sitting, and health insurance for pets as an incentive for their employees.

Studies have shown that dogs, and other animals, can actually help to reduce stress and anxiety that might otherwise exist in the office. For example, let’s say an employee’s pet has just had surgery or is sick at home. They will be worried about their pet, causing them to be distracted and maybe even cut their hours short. Allowing them to bring in their pet will give them ease at mind, while also giving the company a relaxed, happy, and focused employee. Another pro of having a dog walking around the office or sitting by your feet under your desk is that they are able to provide a calming atmosphere for all employees. Giving presentations and making deadlines can be very stressful, but pets can provide a huge relief of pressure off your shoulders. Whether it be by breaking the ice when walking into a conference room or by just being the cute, loving, sweet creature that they are, pets make you smile and bring the entire office together.

Here at Talent Garden Barcelona, we are lucky enough to have our very own furry creature here to keep us happy and stress-free. Meet Laika, our Chief Happiness Officer. Not only is Laika here to create happiness and smiles for all of our members, she is here to bring us together and build community. As our members gather around her, they are able to share laughs and create an even stronger, tighter coworking community in the process. This community is absolutely essential in each and every individual’s success and well-being, and Laika is unbelievable at achieving this goal. Thank you Laika!

19 September 2016

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