Purfect and the digital ecosystem in Lithuania

Launched in 2015, Talent Garden Kaunas offers desks and coworking spaces to the expanding digital community in Lithuania. Among the startups that already benefit from this creative environment, there is purfect, which offers a project management tool. Let’s find out more about this software and about how the Lithuanian digital ecosystem is shaping.

What is purfect and how did the idea originate?

Purfect is the perfect resource management app for small teams. It is a desktop and mobile app for time planning, resource management and analysis of your and your team’s work. Collaboration is key to project management and this is the same spirit you find at Talent Garden, where members get inspired and produce innovative solutions thanks to the presence of a supportive ecosystem.

Why did you decide to found Talent Garden Kaunas?

Because we started working with more and more freelancers and they all had the same issue: working from home is not nice. So we thought about opening a coworking campus for a while, and we eventually decided to do so as we perceived a real need for a quality office space in Kaunas.

Which are, according to you, the benefits for a startup to grow in a coworking space?

The biggest advantage of a coworking space is having many contacts. There you can develop a network of people that can help you with a simple issue or that can become your partners in a huge project – or simply good friends.

What is your perception of the digital ecosystem in Lithuania?

As all post soviet countries we are still catching up to Western Europe, but everyone in Lithuania understands that digital and creative economy is the future. For this reason there is an increasing number of investments, people and other resources in this industry. Despite this, we are still lacking many regulations and the digital ecosystem is really competitive, but we are becoming more and more digitally-oriented.

What are your plans for the near future?

We are still optimizing purfect, developing new integrations and other additional features. As for Talent Garden Kaunas, we are constantly working on making it the best place to work in the city.

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