Silicon Valley, we are coming! New tech hub in partnership with Cassa depositi e prestiti

The project aims to accelerate the development of the ecosystem of Italian innovative companies thanks to the transfer of skills and the know-how importation directly from the heart of the American technological hub


Cassa depositi e prestiti (CDP), the National Promotion Institute in Italy supporting economic growth since 1850, and Talent Garden, the largest platform in Europe of coworking spaces and training for digital innovation, announce the intention to set up a Joint Venture aimed at fostering – through a direct link with Silicon Valley – innovation and technology transfer for the most dynamic Italian companies. The project involves the construction of an Italian Innovation Hub in California, as a physical space in San Francisco that companies can exploit to get in touch with the main players at a global level in the various sectors of interest for the Italian market.

The Joint Venture, which will be operatively managed by CDP and Talent Garden, wants to be a point of reference for the “Italian System” on the model of a platform which is open to all institutions and players active in the promotion of Italy abroad and operating in support innovation. Furthermore, the Italian Innovation Hub will channel business ventures born in Silicon Valley to Italy, as an entry point for Europe.

The project is open to universities, businesses, institutions, and in general to all those who can generate value for the production system. The objective of the coming months is to involve interested parties who can express their adherence to the project. The opening of the Hub is scheduled for the end of the year.

The initiative allows:

  • SMEs but also large companies to participate in training programs on new technologies in order to seek new skills and be able to move more easily in a context sensitive to investment opportunities, in which to find experiences and technologies to accelerate growth processes;
  • Venture Capitalists, incubators and Italian start-ups to connect with the main world center of innovation, supporting inter alia the possible access to capital;
  • large Italian companies to have a further place to scout ideas and technologies;
  • Italian training system to create a “bridge” with universities and research laboratories.

The project aims to promote our business system across the board in order to facilitate the change of the corporate culture in terms of greater and more dynamic propensity for innovation, up to the now necessary substantial transformation of business models.

The intention is to replicate the project in other world innovation capitals such as, for example, Tel Aviv and Shenzhen.


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13 February 2018

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