Sonar Music Festival Utilizes New Technology

One of our interns, Remington, was fortunate enough to attend Sonar Music Festival this weekend. He went Friday night and said it was “the time of his life.” Sonar is one of if not the biggest electronic music festival in Barcelona. It incorporates some of the biggest artists in the world with groundbreaking technology to deliver a one of a kind experience. Sonar took place at the Fira Gran Via L’Hospitalet and had four different stages with state of the art sound and lighting equipment. Sonar by night took place between 22:00 and did not end until 6:30.

Remington has a lot of experience at music festivals as he has been to Coachella and the Electric Daisy Carnival multiple times. He said this was the most technologically advanced music festival he has been to. For the first time, Sonar introduced something called “Sonar Cash”. Sonar Cash is a great idea that uses new technology and will most likely start being used by every large music festival around the world. Upon entering Sonar, every person in attendance had to put on a wristband with a special barcode that could be scanned by an iPhone app that each Sonar employee was carrying. Sonar refused to accept cash for any item within the festival. Instead, everybody in attendance had to wait in line at the Sonar Cash Tent to load money onto his or her wristband by using either cash or credit card. This way when anyone wanted to buy something, they would scan their barcode and the amount on your Sonar Cash wristband would decrease by the amount of the item. By doing this, Sonar used technology to not only increase convenience for each of their employees but to also earn extra revenues.

Due to the lengthy lines, there is no question that there were thousands of people who loaded more money onto their Sonar Cash wristband then they actually spent. This is a brilliant business idea because by using technology Sonar probably made thousands of extra dollars in revenue without having to give anything up. It also benefitted the attendees because it made it way more convenient than having to deal with change and carrying excess cash around at a crowded music festival. Our intern Remington had a great time at Sonar both dancing to some of the best DJ’s in the world and seeing how technology and innovation can work to enhance the experience for everyone.

23 June 2015

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