Talent Garden 2016 year at a glance

At Talent Garden we believe that everyone should work with passion and have an impact on what they value the most. We are driven by the will to connect digital innovators across Europe to make their ideas grow.

Over the course of 2016, our network reached exciting results. Five years ago we had only one campus in Brescia and now we have 17 locations open around Europe. We have launched 4 new campuses, and we have expanded to Rome and Bucharest. We now have nearly 24,000 sqm of coworking spaces which give access to 1,500 members.

Talent Garden’s community will always be its vibrant core. It has been inspiring to see how people can really make the difference and start the change through digital innovation. Entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, determination and the energy of our members encourage us to offer more services to foster networking opportunities and to support our workers.

We are proud to welcome more than 250 graduates from TAG Innovation School to our community. These are people of different ages, from different cultural backgrounds that want to change their lives and fulfill their dreams through a new approach to education.

We’re excited to see companies like Cisco, Poste Italiane, IBM, Ceres and many others enterprises embracing our way of working and opening their doors to our community. What has become clear is that companies are ready to contaminate with our members and expand their boundaries.

Connecting the community of innovators is paramount to us. This year we organized over 1,000 events – including hackathons, bootcamps, corporate labs and workshops – on digital innovation and technology with more than 152,000 participants across the network.  

In November, we secured a €12M investment from international VCs – the second largest round in Europe for a coworking provider. The new capital will fund Talent Garden’s further expansion into Europe, reaching a total of 70,000 square meters across the network and 8,000 members.

2016 has been an extraordinary journey and without the hard work of Talent Garden and the founders’ team all the results that we achieved wouldn’t be possible.

Looking ahead to 2017, we are determined to create a bigger and stronger network that will help people around Europe work with passion and grow.

Talent Garden 2016 year at a glance

More on the €12m funding round here.

20 December 2016

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