Talent Garden e TechBeach insieme per far crescere le startup italiane in Australia

Talent Garden, the global coworking network focused on digital, and the Australian Venture Incubator TechBeach have announced a partnership for the next year to allow Italian startups to extend their businesses, creating new growth opportunities to Australia and Asia, thanks to the ABA program.


The program is based in Sydney, with a total duration of 12 weeks and it is focuses to develop an accessible ecosystem for overseas startups interested in creating new relations with the major players in the Australasian market.


This partnership will help the startups in Talent Garden network to reach new markets and to have a local support in their expansion.


TechBeach is the unique Australian Venture Incubator with a yearly fund of $1M for funding startups, innovative projects through an in-house lab and acquisitions.


Over 12 weeks into this cosmopolitan ecosystem, you will acquire new leadership skills studying commercial strategies and customer acquisition techniques thanks to the work with experts and mentors, build strong commercial and strategic connections with potential partners in different industries, and start important relations with investors and venture capital specialists in the local environment.


Ranked as one of the best 10 accelerators in Australia, TechBeach, thanks to the ABA program, opened access to a services platform for overseas startups in one of the fastest growing markets in the world in terms of economy and sustainability, giving a unique opportunity to be part of a global community of entrepreneurs and a future game changer.

17 February 2015

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