Preparing the workforce for a digital revolution: Talent Garden Innovation School Opens in Dublin

Every industry in the world is changing, evolving to be more efficient, streamline, customer-centric and it is the companies and professionals leading them that are embracing digital transformation who will stand the test of time in this new digital world.

School Director Ruth Kearney maintains that ‘Training professionals and forming the workforce of the future to become leaders in a continually evolving digital revolution is precisely what the school is here to do, and on October 30th we are incredibly excited to be officially opening in our latest campus in Dublin. We have also just launched its first three masterclasses for both individuals and companies ready to welcome and take advantage of having a digital mindset’.

Talent Garden Innovation School is an innovative educational institute offering Masters and courses in the fields of digital technologies and innovation, with a focus on coding, data, design, marketing, business and leadership. By putting people at the centre through a cutting-edge training methodology, our Innovation School brings new cultures and skills into businesses and offers updates to those operating in the work environment.

To celebrate this extraordinary day, we are delighted to welcome Phuong Tran, Businesswoman, speaker, author and entrepreneurial consultant for her remarkable lecture on “Competing with Giants.” Phuong is part of the faculty at the Innovation School and brings very strong competencies on scaling to international markets and international branding & marketing.


Competing with Giants | Phuong Tran at Talent Garden

Phương Uyên Trần,  Deputy CEO of Tan Hiep Phat (THP) group, will be sharing her story about how she and her father Asian beverage business mogul Dr Tran Qui Thanh, walked away from $2.5 billion in 2012. That was the figure Coca-Cola had offered to acquire controlling interest in her family business, Vietnamese THP Beverage Group.

Watching her father turned down a sum of money most could never dream to see was an event that shaped Tran’s entire philosophy from that day forward. “It is never easy to compete with giants,” says Tran, “let alone face them down.” But her family legacy is a story that proves David can indeed compete with (and even outperform) Goliath.


Our Dublin campus Innovation school is driven by a very experienced group of faculty, ready to push the boundaries of digital & innovation training to the limits. Our contributors come from a wide range of backgrounds including IT, Business, Emerging Media, Education, Design, HR, Psychology, Philosophy, Creative Arts and more. Our educators are committed to the student learning experience, taking an ‘action and problem-based learning’ approach to training, delivering interactive lectures and practical workshops that are grounded in theory but focused on real-world application.

The school has launched its first three masterclasses for both individuals and companies ready to welcome and take advantage of having a digital mindset.


Talent Garden Innovation School Masterclasses

Executive MINDSET – 23 November 2018
Mindset is a bold new course with a more daring aim; to enhance and bring about a positive change in thinking and behaviour among senior managers who lead and want to build more creative and collaborative teams in an ultra-competitive digital world. This immersive 1-day course takes executives on a deep-dive into the theory & practice of developing a more authentic leadership mindset, entrepreneurial traits of great managers, motivating high-performance teams and having greater impact through enhancing your communications skills.


Data Science in Practice – 29 & 30 November 2018
This 2-day Data Science in Practice Masterclass takes data professionals into specialist topics that otherwise would be hard to discover on the web. We learn about the new theory behind deep learning and why it’s so effective and demo the latest data visualisation and predictive analysis tools. We will workshop data explorations using R and the tidyverse and will build interactive dashboards with the newest Power BI innovations from Microsoft.


AI Ready – For CEO’s & Senior Managers – 1 Feb 2019
Don’t be left behind. Make your organisation AI Ready. We are in the golden age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and already it is changing every sector and every aspect of our lives. Whether its education, healthcare or transportation with the help of AI your business will evolve rapidly, and without AI your products, markets and customers are exposed to risk from competitors who rapidly adopt such technologies.

23 October 2018

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