Tour Your Way to the Top

Many coworking companies can seem very similar when comparing things like prices and square footage online; however, the tour is when your space has the opportunity to outshine the others. Below we have outlined four tips in order to strengthen your space’s profile in any company, startup, or individual’s mind.

1. Know your audience and what they’re looking for.

An analogy to better explain this is researching a company when preparing for an interview. You want to take specific bits and pieces from your past work experience and match it to the person the job description is searching for. The same technique applies in this situation. Though you still need to cover the general basics of what your space offers, the tour can be customized to better express how your space would be a perfect fit for them.

2. Form a connection.

This is more than just a business transaction. It is important to go out of your way to focus some of the time on topics such as vacation plans, hobbies, etc. Not only does this help to fill any awkward silences that may arise, but it makes them feel special and feel more of a personal relationship with the people and the with the space. Additionally, it may make your job as the community builder easier in the future when it comes to finding others in the office they should meet.

3. Emphasize the community aspect.

One of the largest attractions of coworking spaces is that along with creating professional bonds, social bonds can be made as well. This is most likely a set expectation of your audience going into the tour, but by reiterating the different activities coworkers have the opportunity to partake in, it provides a clear indication of the space’s atmosphere.

4. Offer an invitation to a casual & social gathering.

To take tip #3 a step further, you can ask if they would like to get to know you and the other coworkers a bit better after work or at an upcoming event. For example, here at Talent Garden we ask if they would like to join us for a beer on a Friday evening. Even if the request is declined, they will see that as the community builder you take the initiative to form friendships within the office. And, if the request is accepted, the fun interactions between your coworkers and prospective members will form a positive association with your brand when it comes to narrowing down their choices.

Tours are what give the statistics on your website a personality. By adding these easy steps into the routine, your space has the power to emerge from the background noise and stand out.

8 April 2018

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