Un ponte tra l’Europa e gli Stati Uniti per connettere le startup di wearable tech

Many people feel a sort of competition between United State and Europe, especially in the startup ecosystem. European ones used to be smaller and less famous than American ones for many reasons, first of all the lack of funding. Moreover, many European entrepreneurs have the American dream, where everything is easier and grow faster, but even if they would like to go there, they stay in Europe because it’s not so easy joining the US startup ecosystem.


Actually, the startup world was born in the United States, so it’s normal that lots of people look at US as the perfect place to grow their business. Now another field is attracting the attention of the startup system: Wearable tech and Internet of Things (IoT) are the most growing sectors at the moment and more and more companies want to be apart of it. Also in the Talent Garden network there are some examples of Wearable and IoT startups, for instance Horus Technology, one of the tagger, is developing a smart glass that allow blind people to read the latin alphabet. In addition, we organised many events to teach and stimulate people to work on Iot projects. In june, for example, TAG and Microsoft did an IoT hackathon about food to allow people to realize thier projects in the field.


To help startups grow, not just in Europe, but worldwide, Talent Garden is partnering with Wearable World, a media, technology and accelerator company in the Wearable and Internet of Things space based in San Francisco, US. This partnership will be a bridge between Europe and the United States, to make european startups think bigger and expand their operations in other markets.


“With Talent Garden and Wearable World working together, we now have the resources and infrastructure available to support startups in both of our communities in the United States and Europe to bridge the innovation gap,” said Kyle Ellicott co-Founder and Chief Labs Officer of Wearable World. “It’s a remarkable opportunity for both Wearable World Labs and Talent Garden companies – and an exciting chance for us – to incorporate additional education opportunities and further amplify our global reach.”

To learn more about Wearable World or to apply to Wearable World Labs visit www.wearableworld.co

9 October 2015

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