What’s Hot in the Tech World

IOT and Smart Home Tech

A smart home provides owners with more than just temperature control and an alarm system. A smart home gives feedback such as a refrigerator cataloging contents, automatic watering of plants, and maximizing efficiency. In a smart home, less time is wasted on mundane tasks that can be completed by the home itself. A refrigerator might be able to make a list or suggest a healthy menu based on what is inside, and a thermostat may be able to suggest the ideal temperature to maximize efficiency and comfort. All of this takes technology, so as a tech startup, it is wise to start thinking about how your deliverable can be applied in this field.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Both of these technologies can be very useful in entertainment. The video gaming industry, as well as TV and movies, can use this to enhance user experience. Another way to use this new technology is virtual workplaces. Imagine if people could work from home, but still be interacting with their coworkers as if they were at the office. It would save the employees and the company a ton of money, and the employees would never have to leave the comfort of their couch. In the medical field, there is the potential to make “virtual surgeries” a real thing. The possibilities here are endless!

Machine Learning

We come into contact with machine learning more than we realize. For example, Google’s search engine is based on machine learning. It gets to know what you search and the way you search, and tailors the results to your specific needs. Imagine if all machines could do this – from cars to ovens to TVs. There is a lot of potential in developing machine learning, and as you may notice it is connected to other technologies here (such as the Smart Home).

Big Data

Big Data is one of those new trends that everyone talks about, but no one is sure about. The idea behind big data is that collections of data can tell a lot about a company, a project, a trend, or a person. The key is being able to personalize that data and fit it to what you need. Get to know the programs that manipulate big data, and you’ll be a leader in your field!

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19 October 2017

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