Why Barcelona is the Newest Tech Hub

An article in Barcinno about why Barcelona is the newest Silicon Valley highlighted some interesting features of this great city and the startup culture that it fosters. Barcelona, the article noted, is dedicated to actually building and creating entrepreneurs and businesses. Where many startup hubs, such as the Silicon Valley, London, and Berlin have a main focus on profits, the entrepreneurs of Barcelona look deeper.

A lot of this is owed to the city itself. Barcelona, like the tapas it is famous for, is a sharing culture. Individuals value working together, as do businesses (evidenced by the popularity of coworking). The quality of life – from the easy and cheap public transportation system to the beautiful beaches to the relaxed summer hours – attracts a different type of diverse thinker. People coming to Barcelona to work at a startup want more than just profits – they want success and an experience. The government is also very willing to help startups. This means that there is a culture of support that starts at the highest levels. Entrepreneurs are not expected to do it all on their own. There is also a fantastic network for startups. Not only is there the Mobile World Congress, but there are an unlimited amount of lectures and meet-ups.


Check out our article about upcoming tech events for more information. To read the full Barcinno article, click this link: http://www.barcinno.com/why-barcelona-is-one-of-the-best-cities-for-startups-right-now/

28 December 2017

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