20 Inspiring Women in Tech Share Career Advice

There is no doubt anymore we have the knowledge, the reports and statistical proof. Study after study proves that diverse teams, diverse companies and especially diverse startups will outperform non-diverse ones. The benefits of gender-diverse teams are endless, but even if we simply look at numbers, they ultimately generate more revenue and profits for their companies.

And we now have evidence that shows when a higher percentage of leadership roles are held by women in organisations they achieve better results. And women-founded businesses, in the end, have higher revenue than those founded by men. But despite all of this, according to further research by BCG, women founders when pitching for early-stage capital to investors still receive significantly less. However even if slowly we are starting to move in the right direction with female founders receiving an increase in funding during 2019 to 2.7%, but again just for perspective that is less than what WeWork secured. 🤯

So even if the truth is, women will need to continue pushing and working (and excelling) inside a flawed system that puts them at a disadvantage, this is the only way to create real change. That is why today we have gathered advice from 20 women from across Europe to encourage girls and women from around the globe to stay strong remember your talent and worth and for those of you thinking of a career in tech, do it!


Inspiring Women in Tech from Ireland

Women in Tech

Marcela Souza
DCU | Software Developer

“Be yourself. At the moment the market is needing soft skills and the person you are can be exactly what a company is looking for. Don’t let what you think they need change how you behave. Be who you are and find a company who will value that”


Sohini Das
Bluebridge Technologies | Automation Engineer

Joint effort with individuals of various genders, sexual directions, ethnicity and race prompts expanded imagination and improved critical thinking. Hiring for diversity means embedding various thought methods and approaches, as well as increasing the capacity to consider the pain points of all the members of the demographic goal. Thus there should be access to all industries, including leadership roles, regardless of gender. #codelikeagirl


Debbie Reid
Localise Youth Volunteering | Youth and Community Co-Ordinator

Growing up, I gained confidence watching female role models and mentors in my world stand out and speak up. I now work with incredible young people, many are passionate, smart and powerful girls and young women. And so, I believe that it is our responsibility to model confidence that I hope the next generation can inherit.


Machaela O’Leary
Talent Garden | Community Manager

For me, the most important thing to remember as a woman in business or in technology is that you do not represent your whole gender. A lot of the time I find myself second-guessing my reactions or opinions because I feel a weight or responsibility to represent all women. This isn’t true and it isn’t fair. You are allowed to make mistakes without feeling like you have let your whole gender down.


Mansi Chowkkar,
BlueBridge | Automation Engineer

We all need to appreciate women’s talent and if you want to work in technology just do it.


Nicole Edgerton
Talent Garden | Campus Coordinator

Be confident in what you do, believe in your hard work and qualifications and never let anyone tell you or make you feel like you can’t be the best at what you do!


Inspiring Women in Tech from Italy

Women in Tech Career advice

Noa Segre
Talent Garden | Senior Consultant, Corporate Transformation

We are at our best when we help each other to be their best! My biggest advice is to create your female network of support that can help you when you need it the most and that will push you forward to reach your goals. Find a mentor that you can lean on and allow others to lean on you. Don’t be afraid to reach out, to ask for advice and allow yourself to give advice and make your voice heard – When women are there for other women, the sky’s the limit (And make sure to not let anyone tell you otherwise!)


Giada Zhang
Mulan Group | CEO

Be your own heroine, don’t wait for your prince charming. I always like to cite Diane Von Fustenberg: “I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I always knew what kind of woman I wanted to be.” Whether you are in tech or in other industries, what matters is the type of warrior you want to become in your own field. Warriors who would transcend any gender barrier. In 5 years my company will be like the heroine Mulan, who has made herself known and who, thanks to her feminine sensitivity, will have entered the hearts of all those who have known her.


Barbara Covili
Free-Now Italia | General Manager

My advice is to fight against the stereotypes that affect our culture and our behaviour. For example, there is this age-old “belief” that girls excel in language arts and social studies while boys excel in math and science. Sounds familiar? Imagine being a girl in an algebra class and being told that over and over again. You might start to believe that, although you are great in math, this is a boy’s field. For these reasons, girls are repeatedly discouraged from pursuing continued education in maths and science. This bias, whether or not unconscious, continues into college and university levels. We need more women in technology to empower the next generation, and the next—and the one after that.


Gaia Zuccaro
Freelance | UI Designer

Be strong in your female point of view. It’s a value, not a weakness.


Emanuela Zaccone
HCL Software | Product Manager

Remember, girls: talent has no gender. Let your skills speak for you. Don’t let a higher number of male employees discourage you: stay focused on your objective. It doesn’t matter what you are, it’s what you want and what you’ll do to leave an impact that will change everything.


Inspiring Women in Tech from Spain

Women in Tech Career advice

Yolanda Cagigas
ToBeSingular | Partner and Consultant

“First, I must say that my advice for anyone is to develop their professional career in the field that generates motivation and where they want to develop. That said, and especially for women to tell them that a technical dedication provides a very wide range of options, as it prepares you for analytical, logical thinking, and for the practical facet of many areas, all of these capabilities being especially adaptable to female thinking. In this century, already eminently digital, almost all subjects become technical and new professions arise, such as automation computer scientists, computer biologists, nanotechnologists, data scientists, etc. Technology is a very broad field that enters all disciplines, providing a new field of work, with different and very creative perspectives, so I encourage women to participate more actively in the technological fields, where they can contribute your own vision and where the possibility of participation is unlimited, you just have to reflect on what you want to do, for what and how to do it through technology will arise.”


Nuria Sanchez Lugilde
Camp Tecnologico | Coordinator and Trainer of young talents in STEAM technologies

You should not feel small in the face of new challenges, but you must believe in your capabilities and be open to learning. You will never know what you are capable of if you do not try. Giving visibility to female reference models in the world of science and technology is to take another step towards the goal of promoting technological vocations and banishing stereotypes.


Inés Vázquez Rivers
Founder Partner and CEO | Adalab

Technology is the future and women must have the role they deserve in that future. Making decisions and setting guidelines.


Ana Docio
Hecho.company | Junior Designer

I think that women, men, and other genres have a place in any workspace or industry if that is what they set out to do. The ability to dedicate yourself to doing what you like has nothing to do with gender, the point to improve is that of equal opportunities. I encourage women to devote themselves to technology, but also to the arts, sciences, literature, humanities, and whatever they like!


Rosario Ortiz
Adalab | Founder Partner

Technology is the future and women must have the role they deserve in that future. Making decisions and setting guidelines.


Inspiring Women in Tech from Austria

Women in Tech Career advice

Karin Turki
zero21 / startup300 | Head of Memberships

Women in tech – as well as in other industries – often don’t feel 100% qualified to apply for jobs while their male peers, with the same education and experience, have absolutely no doubts in doing so. In my opinion, it all starts with educating our daughters. Being a mum, I try my best every day to teach my girl that it’s not about being beautiful. I teach her to be strong and independent and confident. And to not even get the slightest thought of not feeling intelligent or bold or equal!


Steffi, Müller
Postando GmbH | Creative Director

Success in business should not be about gender. It should be about working hard, with passion and an open mind. Success in business is based on having faith in your team, where solidarity, opportunities and responsibilities have to be shared in equal measure. But most importantly it is based on having faith in your abilities, faith in yourself.


Petra, Hauser
Talent Garden | Country Manager Austria

Connect yourself with tech ecosystems like our Talent Garden campuses and simply get in touch with role models, enablers, mentors learning opportunities. The rest will work itself out.


Sara Migliori
Freelancer | Localization and Translation

Always take on things you have never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist.



For International Women’s Day 2020 and beyond, let’s all be #EachforEqual. Today and forever we want to celebrate the women of our community who are a driving force for innovation and technology and to encourage all women who aspire to have a career in the tech world.


See last years initiative: IWD 2019 – Let’s Close the Digital Gender Gap

8 March 2020

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