Connected City: boosting cities potential through open innovation

Cities’ challenge for the future is to grow, transform and become more citizen-oriented. Data and technology are, in this sense, crucial to understanding people’s behaviours and habits in urban environments.

For this reason, we have launched Connected City, an open innovation programme aimed at finding and boosting the most promising projects for the development of services for citizens based on digital technologies and big data. The aim is to explore the potential of each city, identifying new, concrete opportunities for growth (read the project’s manifesto here).

To achieve this objective, together with our main partners Reale Mutua, Ferrovie dello Stato, LINKS Foundation and Mini, we have defined 5 challenges for companies, startups or teams with innovative ideas. 150.000€ will be allocated to the most promising projects.

The challenges

Design new apps or functionalities for the already existing MINI Connected ecosystem, either for mobile or the in-car experience. The objective is to create a new product based on a clear understanding of the consumer’s habits (ideally through the use of available big data).

Apply here before Nov. 15:

Ideate a navigator which is able to suggest the best itinerary while tracking the user’s behaviour. The aim is to generate data that allows the customer to calculate the risks of the different journeys, while also providing insurance with valuable insights on products and offers to develop.

Apply here before Nov. 15:

Analyze the mobility of people with disabilities in the Turin metropolitan area, in order to understand the state of the art and identify improvements and innovation, acting above all in areas such as accessibility, the usability of the service and overcoming of the vulnerability of the users.

Apply here before Nov. 15:

Create a platform, based on data of intermodal traffic that is able, thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, to identify the density of traffic flows and, as a result, also of the needs of passengers. The aim is to identify patterns to solve critical circumstances thanks to the analysis of data.

Apply here before Nov. 15:

The projects will be selected on Dec. 5th during a dedicated event in Turin.

Learn more on Connected City and challenge yourself on boosting cities’ potential:

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