CTE Next supports the training of 14 future digital talents: applications now open!

The “Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti” – CTE NEXT , the initiative born to support Turin in becoming a reference point for Open Innovation and an attraction for talents working in Smart Cities and Smart Mobility, has at its core the goal of creating an ecosystem of more than 3.000 entities (institutions, corporates and citizens) in the next four years. Its purpose is to support companies of any size through innovation programs, and to train more than 120 organizations together with universities and research centers.

Digital skills are a crucial element of the project as a whole, as they are key for the delivery of any development program that will happen with CTE Next. For this reason, CTE Next will cover the admission costs for our Talent Garden Innovation School courses for 14 talents, to allow their growth in the digital world and bring value to the ecosystem!

Which Courses Can I Apply to?

It is possible to apply to 7 courses, some in Italian and some in English:

How can I join the course I want with the support of CTE Next?

You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Choose the course you would like to join among the ones above-mentioned
  2. Apply following the prescribed procedure
  3. Select the option “Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti” as your option for covering the admission costs
  4. Attach your motivational letter

You will receive an email with the results of your application in September.

What are the Admission Criteria?

We are looking for freelancers or employees, graduates or PhD candidates, anybody with an educational background related to the topics of interest for CTE (emerging techs) or aspiring entrepreneurs with a business idea related to the topics of interest for CTE.

Once the application is sent, we will base our evaluation on the following criteria:

  • Professional profile and how in line it is with the selected course
  • Soft skills, to be evaluated during the interview with the Orientation & Admission Specialist
  • Motivation behind the selected course
  • Motivational Letter in relation to the CTE Next project

The deadline to apply is September 24th 2o21.

3 August 2021

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