Talent Garden Arrives in France: Welcome Talent Garden Lille!

After the recent opening in Barcelona in October 2020, Talent Garden arrives in France with the opening of a campus in Lille, an important academic center and entrepreneurial hub.

A new opening that testifies to the growth process within the international digital innovation landscape, establishing itself as a solid and effective alternative in the new models of work organization imposed by the current crisis and the strong drive for digitization required: a proposal, to which many companies have turned to, capable of combining remote work with that in the office , amplifying the advantages, in total safety and with an investment logic in wellbeing and training of its employees. 

The new coworking space Talent Garden Lille is located in the Westfield Euralille shopping center , a few minutes from Lille-Flandres station (Gare de Lille-Flandres). A 2,500m² campus that will offer 300 future members and the entire Talent Garden network a strategic location in the heart of a neighborhood undergoing complete renovation and at the crossroads of Europe (between Paris, London, Brussels and Amsterdam).

“For our first office in France, we chose Lille, which in addition to being the third largest business center in France , benefits from an extremely strategic position at European level that has allowed the growth of a strong digital ecosystem” explains Davide Dattoli , Co-Founder & CEO. “The city is becoming the base of many startups and the landing place for professionals in the tech sector and for years has actively promoted the digital industry to today represent the leading region in France for IT services, e-retail, digital creation, big data and Industry 4.0. A great strategic opportunity for our European community of innovators. “

With more than 30,000 employees in the digital sector, the city of Lille, and more broadly the Hauts-de-France region, represents a center of fundamental importance for the economic growth of the country and of Europe and in the region there are several centers of excellence. with innovative potential recognized nationally and internationally.

Coworking space lille

The expansion of Talent Garden in Europe

The arrival in France is part of the international strategy undertaken by the company which led in October to the opening of the new Barcelona campus, an eco-sustainable building of more than 4,500 m2 in the 22 @ innovation district , in the Poblenou district. The decision was driven by the growth of Talent Garden in Madrid and the community of innovators in Spain in the previous months.

Furthermore, at the beginning of 2021 the company announced a plan worth over nine million euros in partnership with CDP Venture Capital Sgr – Fondo Nazionale Innovazione and GAMA, the Family Office of the Marzotto family, for further strengthening at European level, which aims to digital transformation of Southern Italy by accelerating entrepreneurship linked to the themes of innovation and technology, favouring the phenomenon of South Working and promoting training on digital issues through the offer of Talent Garden Innovation School.


Talent Garden: a reference point for the world of international innovation capable of combining the new working models imposed by the pandemic.

In the year of the pandemic, Talent Garden has managed to establish itself as a sure point of reference in the panorama of international digital innovation, proposing itself as a solid and effective alternative in the new models of work organisation imposed by the current crisis.

“Over the past year, we have adapted our campuses to the new measures required by Covid 19 . Coworking spaces have become a safe alternative , consolidating themselves as the third option, between the office and remote work. When it came to reopening, guided by the importance of putting our community at the center, we focused on three key factors: cleanliness and safety measures, redesign of physical spaces and support for our community . These three points have been addressed with extreme caution and, since it is in the nature of both our spaces and our business model to adapt to different scenarios, we will continue to evolve and implement new strategies as they develop,” Davide Dattoli continues. “The acceleration of remote work has brought with it an understanding of its benefits for both companies and employees. Companies need to invest even more in their employees, their development and their wellbeing than ever before. Talent Garden represents the multifunctional workplace of the future and not only for its ability to provide safe working environments, or its flexibility and low-cost options, but also for its culture of continuing education , innovation and sharing of knowledge with continuous reskilling and upskilling paths for its members.”

27 May 2021

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