Talent Garden launches its Innovators Week from May 30 to June 3

HBO, PrestaShop, CaixaBank, SEK Lab and Enjoyers are some of the names on the Innovators Week Talent Garden agenda.

Now that the health situation seems stable, recovering little by little the face-to-face and physical events, Talent Garden has proposed to welcome the spring with its first edition of Innovators Week, a week that will host major references of the national and international ecosystem, and of course will open the doors of the Talent Garden community, one of the largest in Europe. 

In fact, simultaneously Ia Innovators Week will be held on the campuses of Madrid and Barcelona, dates that will also share the campuses of 4 other European countries. 

Talent Garden Spain will hold its Innovators Week from May 30 to June 5

“Our goal is to take advantage of this event to open the Talent Garden community to all explorers and innovators from the surrounding area, so they can enjoy our day-to-day for a week: an environment where you can work, attend events and find mentors,” says Gonzalo Torres, CEO of Talent Garden Spain and France.

“Innovation has always been part of Talent Garden’s DNA, during that week we want to invite relevant actors of the startup ecosystem and give a growth opportunity to our guests and the community,” adds Torres. 

The agenda promises not to disappoint, regardless of the sector you are in, the programming encompasses and drives innovation: “Each day we will present a different main topic to attendees: AI & Blockchain, Digital Marketing, Sales & UX Design, Ed-tech and Social Impact, Foodtech, Metaverse, among other topics,” highlights Ainhoa Tamargo, Talent Garden’s marketing manager. 

Raphael Jochmann, head of campus & country coordination at Talent Garden Vienna says: “Our goal is to use this event to open Talent Garden to all explorers and innovators from the surrounding area, and enjoy our day-to-day for a week: an environment where people can work, enjoy events and find mentors. Innovation has always been part of Talent Garden’s DNA, by inviting relevant players from the startup ecosystem, we want to give an opportunity for growth to our guests and the community.” 

These sessions will be structured as interactive workshops, where experts will share their knowledge with attendees and manage the exchange of ideas. These sessions will include spaces for networking and Q&A, and will be structured to be engaging, interactive and insightful.

Names from major international companies will be heard the week of June 30-5 at Talent Garden, among them Cristina Ramos, CRM Coordinator at HBO and Joanna Gruau from Wheel the world (South Summit 2021 winner) and Félix Lopez director of SEK LAB.

Also members of the Talent community such as Jorge Gonzalez and Alejandro Ramos from PrestaShop Spain, Carlos Martinez from Enjoyers and Carlos Egea, Manager of Skill Center 3D.


MONDAY MAY 30 AT 10:00 am “The metaverse in industrial environments, Acciona”.

TUESDAY MAY 31, “Full day dedicated to Foodtech at Campus Talent Garden Barcelona”.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 1 AT 12:00 noon Sustainable Investment. The investment that benefits us all, CaixaBank”. 

THURSDAY JUNE 2nd AT 9:00 am “EdTech Breakfast: Madrid-Vienna startups connection”. 

Here you have the full agenda 

More about Talent Garden

Talent Garden is not only a coworking, it is a community that has more than 4,5000 digital and technological innovators, 2,300 students trained in digital skills, 1700 events driven. 

All this happens in its more than 18 campuses distributed in 7 different countries, in which its members have 24 hours access to the workspace. 

Why participate in Talent Garden’s Innovators Week?

“We want to inspire you, help you find the tools to help you pursue new professional paths and above all to connect. You just need motivation and to surround yourself with the right community, with the best mentors and professionals in the ecosystem”, highlights Marta Campos, Campus Manager in Madrid.

This event is not only an opportunity to learn, but mainly to connect. We are known for our networking activities, and there will be many during these days! 

Here you have the available tickets.

The advance ticket of 15 euros + VAT includes:

How to attend?

Reserve your place for the workshops or mentoring sessions you wish to attend.

Receive the confirmation email with the Shopify link to purchase the ticket. 

Come and work in the coworking area for the whole week

Enjoy the workshops of your choice

Please note that the purchase of a single ticket is enough to stay for the whole week and attend all the workshops you are interested in.

25 May 2022

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