The Talent Garden Innovation School’s Referral Program: what it is and how to apply

The Referral Program is an initiative designed to expand our community of digital innovators, bringing benefits to both existing members and new entries. But how does it work? How can people apply? Let’s find out together.

All the members of the Talent Garden community – students, alumni, teachers, startups, companies or employees – can become Referrers for Talent Garden Innovation School courses by recommending one or more products to a person outside Talent Garden (the Referral).

The Referral must then mention who their Referrer is (in other words, the person who recommended the course they would like to apply for) during the enrollment process to be eligible for the pre-set discounts for the Referral Program.

What discounts apply to participants in the Referral Program?

The Referral is entitled to a discount of 100 euros in the case of enrollment in a part-time course and 200 euros in the case of enrollment in a full-time course (applicable to the rate in effect at the time of registration). The Referrer, on the other hand, gets a 100 euros Amazon voucher.

When can I activate the Referral Program to be part of it?

To join the Referral Program officially you must enter the discount code indicated below when purchasing your seat in the classroom, once you have passed the selection process for the specific path. In addition to this, to validate the operation, it will be mandatory to indicate the references of the Referrer (Name, Surname and Mail). In this way, you will get the discount and she/he will receive the € 100 Amazon voucher

  • Full Time promo code: TAG4FRIENDS-FT
  • Part Time promo code: TAG4FRIENDS-PT

Which products of the Innovation School can the Referral Program be applied to?

All the products of the Innovation School are included in the Referral Program except for those sponsored by a Talent Garden Partner company. Discover all our upcoming Courses.

What is the validity period of the Referral Program?

There are no time constraints: the Referral Program is applicable to all our products in all our Intakes!

For further information please contact us here: [email protected]

22 June 2021

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