4YFN Returns to Barcelona

On February 27th  2017, Barcelona will be hosting 4YFN (Four Years from Now), a three day global tech event. 4YFN is sponsored by Mobile World Congress and contains a series of different innovative events stationed throughout the city of Barcelona. 4YFN offers an opportunity for people engaged in a variety of different business ventures to connect with each other.

In recent years, 4YFN has created a significant impact in the startup industry and shows signs of exponential growth for the future. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, incubation and accelerator managers, and venture capitalists flock from around the globe to participate in Barcelona’s 4YFN.

The event has an extensive itinerary including approximately 270 guest speakers, sanctioned networking hours, and tailored competitions. While the outlined schedule of the 4YFN event is appealing to participants, the core value of 4YFN extends beyond its itinerary. The collaborative positive atmosphere is valued by investors and corporations as it creates an easier platform to launch new business ventures, and allows people to connect with potential future colleagues.

By having an event like 4YFN, companies from all over the globe have an opportunity to engage in Barcelona’s local and national ecosystem. The potential of new business ventures can help decrease Barcelona’s historically high rate of unemployment and benefits the economy. These major events give the startup communities and entrepreneurs of Barcelona the chance to expand their network which facilitates job creation and sources of capital for the city. This unique opportunity created by 4YFN appeals to a variety of companies from small businesses to Global Venture Capital Firms.

Since the grand opening of 4YFN in 2014, the number of attendees has nearly doubled every year. In 2016, approximately 12,000 people attended the event. However this years 2017 conference is projected to have around 20,000 people with an upwards of 100 scheduled performances from many different people such as Terry von Bibra from Alibaba, Fernando Fanton with Just Eat, and Dov Moran creator of the USB. Nicola Mendelsohn from Facebook and Sabeen Ali CEO of AngelHack will also be speaking at the event.

At the 4YFN event, there are many different featured programs to engage in including an event hosted by Impact Growth, an accelerator company, Women4Tech, a program focused on reducing gender gap in the mobile industry, and multiple networking events including Startup Pitching sessions and Networking Drinks.

Each year, 4YFN  continually produces a creative and content filled atmosphere that draws participants. From the incredible speakers, competitions, and networking events, 4YFN may be what your business needs to reach the the next level. To purchase tickets for 50% off, go to 4yfn.com.

14 February 2017

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