Come nasce una startup: scoprilo a Startup Weekend Roma!

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The next 18 to 20 October will be held in the Temple of Hadrian in Rome the most exuberant StartupWeekend ever seen in Italy organized by Talent Asset and Garden Room .

The Startup Weekend’s format started some years ago by the mind of the American
Andrew Hyde: 54 hours creating innovative businesses. The format includes a team work , collaboration between different professional profiles ( entrepreneurs, innovators , analysts, developers, marketers , investors) , short speeches to a jury of professionals digital world and the goal of getting in a short time a prototype with a sustainable business plan . “No talk . All action” that the well-known American inspiration.

Talent Garden interviewed Roberto Macina , CEO & Founder of the successful startup Qurami , who intern in Telecom Italy participated to the Start- Up Weekend Rome in 2010 bringing on the judges’ table his innovative idea .

How did you has developed the idea of ​​Qurami ?

Qurami was born from a personal need . I was tired of standing in line ! So passionate about technology I began to look at what current and proposed solutions I have found that there were no ” queuing ” mobile but not the web. So I found the startup weekend in Rome ( October 2010 ) and from there started our adventure that took us from there to have the first private funding , and especially the first customers.

What knowledge and technical skills are required to create a startup?

I would speak only of skills because for us it was important to have skills in homogeneous founding team that in my opinion is the foundation on which later give birth to an idea and then a startup . Begin to know your creature to 360 degrees is crucial.

You have any advice for young people who would , in turn, try to invest in a startup?

Thanks for the question is a concept that I care particularly this and that I always try to figure out with the boys with whom I happen to speak. Everyone must know that as well as send CV all over the world there are many startups here in Italy that create jobs and experience by sharing it is ambitious and rewarding as much as found it ! Then there is the real challenge in starting a company but be aware that you must throw himself body and soul 24 hours 24 . There are no startup made ​​over the weekend or night .. be fonder means risk, but whatever happens it is worth it!

How would you describe your experience of the SW?

From curious and it was a great test to put me in the game, in general, I was really impressed, I really remember every moment!

So if you have an idea that blend your mind for quite a while participates in the 18 to 20 October statup Weekend Rome Temple of Hadrian – Rome .

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12 October 2013

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