Coworking Boom in Barcelona

Barcelona is a prominent cultural hub for the entrepreneurial community. This type of business practice has allowed the coworking industry to take off in Barcelona and has become an influential part of the local ecosystem. As the influx of entrepreneurs continues to grow, many new coworking spaces have been built to cater to the people’s needs. Currently, there isn’t a problem finding a coworking space in Barcelona, but an issue of which one to visit first. Generally speaking, each coworking space has a unique personality and requires a visit to see for yourself however, these four spaces have made it onto our list of recommendations to visit when searching for a coworking space in Barcelona.


Coworkidea is a coworking space that is located near the gothic quarter of Barcelona. The space is split up into two separate floors totaling over 600m2 of space. Although this space has high percentage of people in the Digital Tech field, similar to Talent Garden, people of all professions are welcome to this collaborative space.


Crec has multiple locations throughout Barcelona. The newest space is located on Passig de Gracia in Eixample and the other space resides in Poble Sec. In total, the two offices have 1700m2 worth of space and include kitchen areas to prepare meals or mingle with other members. The people are very friendly and it is an easy environment to get along in.


Aticco is a coworking space with people from all types of professions. There is a combination of a work and play environment and the space utilizes a balcony over viewing Barcelona. There are many social and work functions at the space, and it offers members a nice view of Barcelona.

Cloud Coworking

Cloud working is located in the Sagrada Familia area. With two separate floors, the company is looking to turn the whole building where they are located into a Cloud Space. There are teams large and small in the building and they have two patios overlooking the city.

These are just a few of the coworking spaces located throughout Barcelona. As the entrepreneurial field grows, each space utilizes their own unique environment to cater to the wants of the people. Whether you are a digital tech professional or have skills in other vocations, coworking spaces like our recommended list and Talent Garden are available to fit your business needs!


6 April 2017

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