Meet TAG Member Isabel Sanchez from PickASO

Meet our talented member Isabel Sanchez Ibor from Valencia here in Spain. Isabel is the account manager of marketing for the PickASO team working here at Talent Garden Barcelona. PickASO is a startup that loves all things apps and knows that most mobile apps are made directly into the app store and desperately need something to set them apart. That’s why they specialize in App marketing and ASO (App Store Optimization) and offer consulting, manage campaigns, and optimize performance of app marketing CPI in order to attract users and mobile business to your mobile apps.

PickASO has a group working in Barcelona, but we are really excited to have Isabel and her three other team members working here at Talent Garden Barcelona. Isabel thinks Talent Garden is the perfect place for PickASO to work because they are a startup and want to work in a space to share with other talented, dedicated people like themselves.

Isabel loves to travel, and hopes that as her company grows they take her to San Francisco or somewhere else in the world one day. She likes the beach and her favorite musical artist is Bruno Mars. She also loves Mediterranean food.

16 July 2015

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