MyTwinPlace Partners Up with TAG

The rise of a sharing economy continues to grow and foster as sustainability of the world’s resources becomes a bigger and more prominent issue. There are many companies who have taken full advantage of this shift in consumerism, including Uber and Drivy. But another company has hit the market and is slowly attempting to make its way to the top. Introducing Talent Garden Barcelona’s newest partner, MyTwinPlace, a global community made up of more than 40,000 travelers—and potentially you!

Comparable to the company of Airbnb, MyTwinPlace adds their own twist to home exchange, without any money involved! Here’s how it works: You put your home up for rent when not in use, but instead of receiving money for someone staying in your home, you are awarded a certain amount of points. These points can then be cashed in at a later time to enjoy free accommodation in someone else’s home anywhere you wish to travel. People can now safely share their homes and reap the benefits without ever again having to deal with the awkward conversation of negotiating a price, and without the burden of needing to exchange currency if traveling out of the country.

Here at Talent Garden Barcelona, we continue to provide our coworkers with endless incentives to work at the various coworking spaces within our global community, and we only hope that each and every coworker takes full advantage of the benefits we have to offer. With this newest partnership under our belt, coworkers at any of our 16 campuses now get to enjoy the benefits.

Talent Garden Barcelona and MyTwinPlace encourage coworkers to come visit us here in Barcelona! Not only will our coworkers be able to enjoy free working space here at our Barcelona Campus, but they will also receive some extra free points towards their free accommodation with this new up-and-coming company.

Sign up for MyTwinPlace now to start earning points for your next trip to Barcelona!*

*Valid offer only for TAG global members. Contact your campus manager for the promo codo.


16 August 2016

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