Qurami, the Italian app that gets in line for you

Born seven years ago and selected as one of the 40 most promising italian startups by TechCrunch in 2013, Qurami is an app that revolutionize one of the most tedious activities of our daily life: queuing

The innovative app allows you to get the line’s number directly on the smartphone, knowing the exact number of people ahead of you and receiving a notification when it’s your turn. Qurami is one of the startups that operate at Talent Garden Poste Italiane, the coworking space in partnership with the Italian mailing service.

We spoke with Roberto Macina, CEO at Qurami.

1. How did the idea of the app originate?

The idea originated almost by chance, out of a personal need. I was in line at the university’s administrative office while, looking at the smartphone, I wondered if there was an app I could use to avoid wasting time queuing. It didn’t exist. So, together with an incredible group of developers, we created it. It was in 2010.

2. Today your startup is worth more than one million dollars. How do you turn a simple idea into a successful business?

Building a close team with cross-competences such as technical, business development, commercial, marketing and communication is fundamental. Qurami was an intuition but it became structured thanks to the synergy among different skills.

3. How did you discover Talent Garden?

We were looking for a workspace in Rome that could mirror our dynamism and professionalism and Talent Garden was the perfect place.

4. What are the advantages of sharing the office?

Certainly the contamination among people with different competences and experiences, both on a personal and corporate level.

5. Which are your tips for those who decide to launch a startup?

You need a lot of determination and pragmatism. We are happy to perceive a positive change in the Italian startup world. It is however important to say that good ideas are not enough. Developing a wide perspective on one’s own business is paramount. The technical aspect, for instance, always has to be aligned with the commercial one. At the beginning it is not easy to have this multidimensional approach. And this increases the risk of failure.

6. Which is your goal for 2017?

We are constantly evolving. We are launching a new project, Qurami Agenda, which allows to book various sets of services, from the hairdresser to the tennis court, in all the structures that belong to the network. Another goal is certainly entering new international markets. Our experience suggests that Qurami can be useful in many countries.

Qurami has been downloaded more than 300.000 times and can be used in more than 100 italian facilities. The app will be shortly active in important buildings in London as part of a pilot project in the United Kingdom.

Thanks to the expanding international network of contacts, Qurami is ready to enter new markets and to give back to people the precious time they waste every day waiting in line.

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