Oskar Gahler
Vienna, Austria
No Posibilidad de cambio de residencia

Disponible desde mayo 2022

Oskar Gahler

Disponible desde mayo 2022

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Oskar Gahler

Vienna, Austria
No Posibilidad de cambio de residencia
Perfil del Estudiante
Rol deseado

Interaction Designer, UI Designer

Tipo de empresa

Startup, SME, Agency

Master cursado

UX Design Bootcamp

Hola, soy Oskar

Hi there,
my name is Oskar. In the recent years, I followed my primary interest of learning about human nature. I did this in studying psychology and linguistics. On the way however, I discovered that the strict academic approach does not fit my ideas for professional life. Thankfully, I found the field of UX/UI, which enables me to apply my creativity and problem-solving skills, while still incorporating my interest in inquiry into human behavior and perception.

Titulación universitaria


Oskar en pastillas
Describete en 3 palabras

Easygoing, constructive, open

¿Cuál es tu principal fortaleza?

I am particularly keen on and good at imagining stories involving human behavior and mental activity.

¿En qué te gusta invertir tu tiempo libre?

I like to explore nature: I do this in rock climbing and hiking, and surfing if I happen to be at sea. I also love studying and following my interests through learning and reading.

Herramientas que uso con facilidad
User Research
User Interface Design
Usability Testing
Design Thinking




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