We transform the way you think and act

We help companies to transform business and change ways of working to be better equipped for tomorrow. Using methodologies developed in the startup world, we partner up with you to create the best solution for you and your company. If you want to enhance innovation internally, build new skills for your team or collaborate with startups on the forefront to accelerate growth, Talent Garden is the right partner for you.

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How we transform

Our approach to transformation is divided into three areas: Act, Build and Collaborate. In order for change to happen you need to act, for that change to be permanent you need to build your company’s capabilities and through collaboration you can reach your goals faster.


Take the steps needed for change

Whether you have just started your company’s transformation journey or are further ahead, we can help you with the next step. We can support with identifying the opportunities you have, facilitate change or host ideation workshops to spur innovation.


Stay competitive by developing new skills and mindset

Investing in the training and development of people is the key to keeping up with the digital transformation revolution. We offer a wide range of bespoke upskilling and reskilling academies that can support you in achieving your strategic plan. We also provide shorter formats to boost skills and inspire transformation.


Partner up with our community and accelerate growth

We host Europe’s largest digital and technology community, with over 4,500 professionals across our network of campuses in 7 countries. A network capable of broadening your horizons and bringing innovative solutions to your challenges.

What makes us different?

Experience is the best teacher. That’s why we create opportunities for people to gain new knowledge and skills by doing. By utilising our network of companies, startups, and experts we build learning experiences that bring innovation and change.

Learn from the best

We collaborate with our international community of more than 4,500 digital and tech professionals. This allows us both to choose the right expert based on your company’s needs and to design exclusive training programs and to generate shared value within the community itself.

Learning spaces

We create inclusive and safe learning environments that allow for experimentation. Our 16 campuses in Europe and the “virtual” learning spaces we create are places where participants can experiment, challenge themselves and grow together with our ecosystem.

Methodology and topics

We leverage innovative training methodologies and cutting-edge technology to provide a dynamic learning experience. Our focus is learning by doing and we offer hands-on workshops, community-based learning, hackathons, academies and more in areas such as digital skills, future of work and innovation.

¿Por qué elegir Talent Garden?

Si quieres atraer a los mejores talentos, crear programas de aprendizaje y desarrollo a medida o colaborar con comunidades de profesionales para encontrar soluciones innovadoras a tus retos, te tenemos cubierto. En Talent Garden creemos que los viajes poco convencionales conducen a destinos inesperados y emocionantes.

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