5 Tips for a Successful Coworking Space

When looking to design a coworking space, there are 4 main principles that are crucial to making the space successful. By implementing the big 4, the launch or improvement of your coworking space will be off to a good start and future members of the space will thank you for it!


The location of your coworking space is crucial part of your success. Without an accessible location, members will use more effort getting to the space, instead of working in it! This can cause trouble attracting new members and keeping current members happy. Having a location that is near a metro or train station, restaurants, banks, and retail stores makes the space easy accessible and enjoyable to be around throughout the day. This will ensure your members better experience and reason to spend more time in the area of the coworking space.


The design of your interior layout should include these four areas to facilitate creativity and synergy between the members of the coworking space:

1. Working Area

2. Private Meeting Area

3. Public Meeting Area

4. Member Needs area

By having these four areas, members can effectively communicate with each other, have an efficient work space, and easily access important daily amenities to stay content throughout the work day.

Interior Design

The interior design of the space should be open, full of light, functional, and aesthetic. This allows more creativity in your work environment and connection to form between coworking members. The openness allows people to mingle with each other without feeling “left out” or in the dark and having more natural light has been proven to increase creativity. Your members happiness levels will be higher as being surrounded by recreational light bulbs tends to dull work creativity instead of enhance it! Lastly, having an aesthetically pleasing and functional space will attract members and make the work day more enjoyable and less grueling.

Company Branding

When all else is completed, it is important to ensure your space projects many different values and the overall mission of your brand. By implementing your values into simple parts of the space (colors, wallpaper, employees) members will be immersed into company values and will end up projecting the brand name. This way, as people visit your coworking space and meet members, there is a specific energy on the inside you can feel.

6 julio 2017

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