Get on Board with the Collaborative Economy!

Barcelona is known for its food, wine, and culture. But there is another trend that is revolutionizing the city. It’s sharing the economy. The sharing economy, also known as collaborative consumption and the collaborative economy, is a term used to describe transactions that take place online – whether it be peer to peer, peer to business, or business to business. Barcelona’s online market is large and continues to grow. One of its biggest industries is ecommerce.It is no surprise that the sharing economy is popular in Barcelona. But what does that mean for the people who do business here?

It is not always a competition!

In this day and age, people are learning that they can help each other by sharing ideas. Keeping everything to yourself is no way to succeed. Startups are learning that sharing office space, brainstorming ideas, and working together is very beneficial. Don’t miss out! Look into ways to jump into the sharing economy. Here are some ideas to get you started:

This is a link to startup events in Barcelona:–barcelona/startup/

This is a link to coworking spaces in Barcelona:

Get yourself online!

As you know, having an online presence is crucial in any economy, but it is especially important in the sharing economy. If you’re a startup or business, make sure that you have a website that highlights your products and services. Encourage your employees to create LinkedIn profiles and their own websites. If you are a freelancer, it is important to show that you are dedicated to your job and to highlight what you provide!

This is a link to web design:

20 julio 2017

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